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Online Reputation Management for Eyecare Providers

What do you want to see when you Google yourself tomorrow?




GOOGLE YOUR PRACTICE. What do you see? What you’re looking at is an overview of your online reputation. It’s the digital front door of your business, and it’s one of the most important factors patients consider before choosing you as their eyecare professional.

The good news? You’re more in charge of how people see you online than you think. All it takes is a little time and effort, and you can revolutionize the way you’re perceived by the world wide web. Let’s look at how.

Does your online reputation matter? Absolutely. About 80% of online users trust reviews as if they’re coming from someone they know. If the first impression they get from searching you is a group of dissatisfied, upset patients, that potential lead is gone. Likely forever.

By investing in your online reputation, you’re building trust and legitimacy with current and future patients.

Some 97% of all web users search online before visiting a business, and it takes a fraction of a second for them to form an impression.

Whether it’s your website, Facebook page, or Google Business Profile, your online presence is essential. In 10 seconds of looking you up, a patient should know: Where to find you. How to contact you. When you’re open. What other people are saying about you.


Google Reviews are incredibly powerful, but it’s not the only place patients can review your practice. People can review products and services virtually anywhere, but review sites like Yelp can allow you to claim your profile — giving you more opportunities to improve your online reputation.
Unfortunately, patients are more likely to write a review if they had a negative experience. The best way to counteract this is to ask for reviews. Studies have shown that a high number of reviews shows legitimacy, regardless of rating.

Don’t ignore positive reviews. Happy patients go out of their way to celebrate your practice. By thanking them for their review, you’re actively building rapport with them and readers.

Turn negative reviews into positive experiences. Before addressing a negative review, investigate the incident, create a response, and weigh that response with your team. However you respond, always remember to speak with empathy and understanding, and take the time to message them publicly and privately (when appropriate).

You should also know, fake reviews are just a fact of online life. And while a portion of these are negative reviews from scammers or even competitors, some are positive — sometimes overly so. Patients know when a review seems too good to be true, and they could think the review came from you or your team. This can severely affect how patients perceive you, so removing any fake reviews is essential — no matter what the rating is. Spotting fake reviews can be tricky, but some telltale signs include: Poor spelling and grammar. Overuse of exclamation marks. The reviewer only gives bad reviews to similar businesses. General vagueness.

You can remove a fake review by reporting it to the site’s support team. It may take a little bit to remove the review, but your effort will be worth it.

By taking an active role in your website, social media, and reviews, you’re not just protecting your reputation — you’re elevating it.



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