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An Open Letter From an Optical Employee to Her Business’s Customers

Please be considerate of industries where there is direct human contact.




I WORK IN AN INDUSTRY where it is actually my job to touch somebody’s face. My staff and I do this hundreds of times a day. We touch your glasses and your face. We are inches away from each other’s mouths. Every single one of the glasses has contamination on it and we are touching your germs. And you are in fact touching my germs. I assure you that my hands are cleaner than your glasses, though.

Please consider not coming into my store for the sake of boredom or trying on the latest beautiful, fashionable glasses for a selfie. If you are not coming in with intent of buying or having a prescription in hand and seriously wanting to buy glasses, please don’t come into my store.

Every time you touch a frame, we have to disinfect it because you are putting it on your face. It’s touching you behind your ears and on your nose and all over your hands.

The average patient looking to buy glasses probably tries on 20 to 30 frames. The average person browsing and wasting time without wanting to purchase tries on probably 50.

My staff and I will be there for you no matter what unless they close the mall. But please be considerate of cross-contamination.

We are dealing with things that are on your face and a rapidly spreading virus.


We are very cautious, cleaning our hands, chairs, tables, equipment and frames. You must consider how labor-intensive this is after every single thing that you’ve tried on needs to be decontaminated. Not all cleaners are appropriate for washing frames, but we do it. Cleaners affect the price tags on them, and some cleaners will affect the finish of the frame.

Our mall has already revised its hours so that there is more time to do a vigorous disinfecting clean. They have also removed all food court trays, courtesy strollers and courtesy electric scooters and closed the water fountain and water bottle refill station.

We absolutely welcome your business and take great pleasure in helping you choose the perfect frame and making you see the way that you should.

But I ask you to be kindly considerate of industries where there is direct human contact. Is it really necessary for you to go there under these circumstances?

Tonya Bonjer is the Optician Manager at Image Optometry Orchard Park in Kelowna, British Columbia.



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