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Optician to the Stars Becomes Pot Queen of Beverly Hills




She used to provide eyewear to films and TV shows.

Cheryl Shuman, profiled in the New York Times Magazine as “the cannabis queen of Beverly Hills,” started her work life 30 years ago with a $5-an-hour job at an eyeglass store in Encino, CA. She made friends with a prop master working on a film starring Shirley MacLaine, whose character wore glasses. Shuman offered to go to the set to do measurements for the frames and lenses. “Shuman turned that chance encounter into a million-dollar business, Starry Eyes Optical Services, which provided eyewear for movies and TV shows like ‘Malcolm X,’ ‘Terminator 2,’ ‘When Harry Met Sally,’ ‘Murphy Brown’ and ‘Cheers” … She also did a turn on the QVC shopping network as the Optician to the Stars,” says the Times. Her business went bust in 1995, following a scandal involving Steven Seagal, whom she had fitted for glasses on several films. Now 54, she has organized the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club to provide weed for medical purposes.

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