Smart Start (Above) 

When will we live in a world with activity-tracking eyewear that earns you points redeemable for helping individuals in need of vision care? Wait! We do! They’re VSP Global’s LEVEL smart glasses. And yes, there’s an app for that.


Confident Colonel

You know the General. Now get to know its new iteration, the RAY-BAN Colonel. The updated design marches onto the scene with a fresh, more square-shaped design, while maintaining the original’s flat double-bridge and temples.


The Right Angle

Round lenses in an angled frame with S-shaped temples make for a true celebration of shapes. Join the party with the Lupino, from WALTER &


Slick Moves

Iridescence rules the day for the model HK77, from the Oil Slick Collection by HOT


Stay Awear

Made with sustainable materials and eco-conscious processes, the latest AWEAR collection includes two women’s and two men’s styles. The lightweight men’s model CC3373 features a keyhole bridge.


Protection Connection

You’ve heard of SPF, but do you know about BPF? That’s the Blue-Light Protection Factor—an indicator of protection against HEV blue light and UV light. The Liquet Lens, shown here on GUNNAR model Haus, blocks at least 35 percent of blue light.


Into the Groove

Grind, bevel, and deliver a polished lens edge with the SANTINELLI Lexce, which is 15 to 30 percent faster than what you’re used to. This multifunctional system is ideal for all levels — from beginner to professional.

Price upon request

Screen Time

Personalize the patient experience with the LED-illuminated EYE-DNA retail kiosk, which runs V1.5 of the 3DNA eyewear app. The kiosk includes the touchscreen, a 3D scanner, display space for 16 frames, and storage space.

$6, 500

This article originally appeared in the April 2018 edition of INVISION.   


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