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Finally! An optical trade mag that speaks out and stands up proud, declaring:

1. Eyeglasses are a fashion statement
2. Eyeglasses are amazing devices that enable us to see
3. Eyeglasses are cool
4. A well-made pair, from a respected company are like miniature pieces of wearable art.

 I loved every page and will mail in my card for my free subscription today. Keep them coming!!!

Loved the fresh, hip style of writing. Your target market will actually start reading the articles!

Christine Cellucci
North Shore Optical, Peabody, MA

Loved the fresh, hip style of writing. Your target market will actually start reading the articles!

I just love your magazine. I read about 20 trade journals a month and I find your magazine truly unique. It was truly a joy to read … like a breath of fresh air.
Dr. Jeffrey Safarik
Newport Mesa Optometry, Costa Mesa, CA

I have read the first issue and it was very informative. This can be considered enjoyable literature. I have read every page and have learned a considerable amount. Planning my trunk show this June with a 1950’s theme. Hope that the Fonz will be able to stop by!

Charlene Gordon
Family Eye Care, Monroe, LA

Great issue! Looking forward to the next.

Ezra Atikune
Optik PDX, Portland, OR

Such a great magazine. The articles are so relevant to our business and gives great advice on how to handle situations that arise in the industry.

Kristen Holt
Clinton Family Eye Care, Clinton, NJ 

I loved it, it is so fun to read and I love the format. It is different than the other trade magazines and it gives a fresh look on our business.


Toni Herron
Henry Ford Optimeyes, Westland, MI

I absolutely loved the first issue! There was a ton of usable information for businesses, addressing many of the things that individual business owners face as opposed to the generic information we are used to.

Nikki Griffin
EyeStyles Optical and Boutique, Oakdale, MN 

It is a great magazine. Unlike any others our there! Keep it coming.

Joseph Smay, OD
Family Eye Care, New Kensington, PA

Fantastic! It covers all bases. Marketing ideas, practice building ideas, experiences of other ECP’s, wins/losses, merchandising, technology. There are very few magazines that I read cover to cover. INVISION is practical and engaging. Winning!


Duane Littles
Duane Littles Eyewear, Brooklyn, NY

Loved the magazine. The format was inviting and the substance was credible. It is easy to find the information that is relevant to our practice. Thank you for a new source of information that should help our industry. I would like to see more in terms of staff eductation; maybe CECs, but insightful information we can apply to our whole staff.

James Snow
Experts On Sight, Gilbert, AZ

Loved the first issue!

Chani Miller
Park Eye Center, Highland Park, NJ

The magazine is engaging right from the first page. The layout is superb, the articles timely and the product features unique. I share it with staff and look forward to the next issue. Most important, INVISION has a niche and isn’t trying to be all things to all people!

Cindy Harmon
Sonoma Eyeworks, Santa Rosa, CA

I loved the magazine! The online format was easy to read and get through. I actually read it, whereas I have a huge stack of other magazines on my desk that I can’t seem to get to.

Addie Bogart
Boys Smith Vision Center, Ellensburg, WA 

I enjoy the magazine immensely. So nice to have a modern look at our business.

Julia Castillo
Gregory A. Stainer M.D., Bakersfield, CA

 Currently a much more in-tune magazine that has a younger, more energetic vibe. Great job!

Steve Ballard
Optica Rancho Mirage, Indio, CA

INVISION magazine is the first eyecare magazine to offer any marketing articles and ideas that are new, innovative, fun, and practical to implement. Most literature we read is old news for anybody on the forefront of eyecare.

Shelley Williams
Shelley Williams, OD, PC, Columbia, MO

 Love the first issue!

Nadia Rutayisire
Vision Iconique, Baltimore, MD

Enjoyed your first issue! Keep up the good work.

Dr Dave Schultz, OD
Urban Optics, San Luis Obispo, CA 

I loved your premiere issue, full of great ideas even for an old-timer like me (46 years in practice). I will be adopting some of those ideas. 

Arthur T Kobayashi, OD
Arthur T Kobayashi, OD Inc, Wahiawa, HI

Love, love, love the first issue!

Joan Amrani
Tri County Vision Associates, WillimanticCT

Great launch.

Todd Clark
Image Optical, Alexandria, OH


Dorinda Talley
Vestavia Eye Care, Vestavia, AL

Great modern layout!

Bruce Krymow
Optivision, Phoenix, AZ 

Nice magazine!

Rick Kittelson
Optical Eyedeas, Detroit Lakes, MN 

Loved the premiere issue.

Kathy Wilson
National Vision, Lakeside, TX

So far it seems very informative.

Charles Zolot
Dr. Charles Zolot, Paramus, NJ 

Read the first issue and I am impressed. It seems you are taking a different approach to optical trade magazines. May your publication enjoy a long life!

Robert Vartanian
Blue Springs Family Eyecare, Blue Springs, MO

Received a copy to my office today and thoroughly enjoyed it. What a timely, fresh concept to aid us in these particularly difficult times to practice eye care. It gave me renewed vigor to “keep at it” !

 Eric D. Ostrem, O.D., M.S.
Columbus, OH

Oh. My. Gosh. I have been in the optical industry for 20+ years and have NEVER received such a cool eyecare publication!  When I saw it in the stack of mail I didn’t realize right away what it was — I just liked the model’s glasses.  Thank you so much for producing such a hip, fun magazine that is most importantly full of great information!  I haven’t finished my hour with it but I have loved the goal setting for the next two months, the fun drink themed gifts and the “Tell Your Client” in the New Releases section. I am really looking forward to finishing the rest of the articles … I have never bothered to schedule a lot of reading time in to my day. I generally spend about 4 minutes flipping through the typical industry magazine. I am so happy to have a resource that reinvigorates pride in my profession! I don’t know if you were hoping for “hip, fun and cool” to describe INVISION, but I am really looking forward to future issues 🙂
Mary Canfield
Orlando Eyecare, Orlando, FL

I received my copy of INVISION today and just finished reading it cover to cover. I have to admit that many of the trade magazines and journals to which I subscribe have taken up permanent residence in my “read this weekend” pile. I like the mix of articles that runs the gamut from the theoretical to the practical.

I also like the contemporary flavor of the magazine. Highlighting different practices in “The Big Story/Beginnings” offered inspiration to those who might be contemplating opening a practice/dispensary. These stories also provided valuable lessons to those of us who have been in practice for a few years but who may have forgotten the necessity of doing those things that were responsible for our success.

In “Intelligence//Tip Sheet”, I yellow-highlighted the “List Your To-Don’ts” article. It’s a simple concept that I would never have thought to do. This list is going to save me a lot of time and wasted effort going forward. It may be THE number one reason for my having a less stressful and more successful 2014.

Finally, I want to ask that you try to keep your focus on the smaller eye care practices. I have long felt that the survival of small and independent practices hinges on what I call ICE — Information, Collaboration and Education. Your magazine provides a fresh and well-balanced mixture of these elements of survival.

Thank you again for this fine magazine and I am looking forward to receiving my next issue.

Dr. Bob Smith
St. Louis, MO

I had to write and tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE your magazine. I read it cover to cover! I love that it has a lot of business content in it. I love that it isn’t every new frame out there, but real thoughts and advice from other REAL ECP owners (My business is optician-owned). A friend of mine owns an ECP about 15 miles from mine and we gabbed on the phone as we flipped through the pages of INVISION. She will be bringing the wine (featured in the magazine on pg 27) to our next girls’ night. We both really look forward to the next issues.

Teri Focht
Eyes All Over, 
St.Paul, MN

I  just saw your magazine and was impressed with it and would like to see more.

Jim Hawley
Brokea Inc dba Pearle Vision Maple Grove, Minneapolis, MN

Loved the magazine! Lots of useful information!

Nikki Griffin
EyeStyles Optical and Boutique, Oakdale, MN

Great magazine!

Tanya Gill, OD
Oakland Vision Center, Oakland, CA

If your future issues are anything like the first edition, you have a fan for life.

Tommy Lim
Berryessa Optometry; San Jose, CA

Great new magazine. Dynamic yet relatable articles. Looking forward to the next issue!

Lisa Stagnaro
Madeira Optical, Madeira, OH

I was handed the prototype edition while at the Vision West show and thought it was like all the other eye publications until I began to read it on my flight back home. To my delighted surprise, it was new and refreshing.

I hope you all get to keep going with it because the industry can really use a new kid on the block with bright ideas.

I thought the “inspiring comeback stories” article was great. This is more of what the new young OD’s need to be exposed to. Trials and failures, tips and tricks, and inspirational stories.

Thomas J. Mirabile OD
Mt. Pleasant, SC 

I recently read your prototype edition that was sent to the OD at our office and was very impressed. I often pass over all the optometric magazines that flow through this office but the Dr. passed yours to me and I found myself very interested in all the articles. The quick reviews and short articles made it easy for me to navigate through it. In our business, we often do not have time to sit and read a three-page article. The magazine seem to read much like a Sunset. Catching your attention and make me want to investigate more into the subject that was written about. I was left with a feeling of excitement about what the future issues may have.

Julia Castillo
Gregory A. Stainer MD, Bakersfield, CA

Great new mag! First saw at Vision Expo West.

Dr. Daniel Koenig
McFarland Eye Clinic, Ames IA

The magazine has a clean look, and it confronts issues facing independent optometrists — both strong points. I particularly liked “The Case of the DISRUPTIVE COMPETITOR” which starts on page 52. 

Palmer Cook
Diversified Ophthalmics, Inc., Cincinnati OH

Love, love, love!  

Judy Canty Luzerne
Optical Labs, Virginia Beach, VA

Love the prototype — nice layout. Lots of interesting content and easy to read through. 

Eric Bran
Family Eye Care, Ridgefield, CT

Great magazine, informative and interesting.

James Filippo
Dr James Filippo, Philadelphia, PA

OMG! I love this magazine! Finally — a magazine that is geared toward the new generation of independent ODs and eye care professionals. I love the articles, the features. Nicely done! I’m looking forward to the next issue already.

Sarah Jerome
Look + See Eye Care, Minneapolis MN



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