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Manager's To-Do

Recession Recovery and More Manager’s To-Dos for June and July

Plus updating your online intake forms and vetting competitor’s websites.




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May 31-Jun. 6

OPERATIONS What’s your pre-opening drill? If it’s “All hands to the pump!” you may want to try something more systematic, like a 10-point checklist, to make sure all the important things are taken care of before you open.

Jun. 7-13

STAFF Think about whether you’re going to need temporary help this summer. Make sure all the positions have job descriptions. No position, even part-time, should be treated as ad hoc.

MARKETING Begin Father’s Day (June 21) specials on your website. Wait a day and send your Dad’s Day promotional e-mail.

Jun. 14-20

MANAGEMENT Every recession is a little different but the strategies you need to apply to bounce back successfully don’t change that much. Get some help from the veteran entrepreneurs at SCORE, who volunteer their counseling services through one of the group’s 364 regional offices.

MARKETING Summer is event season. Look for art walks, health fairs, charity golf tournaments or back-to-school events where you can set up a vision screening booth.

Jun. 21-27

SALES A question to ask every parent who comes in at this time of year: “What is your child wearing for sun protection now?”


Jun. 28-Jul. 4

OPERATIONS You should have this already, a file documenting employee performance through the year. Actually, you should be tipping your workers off about how they’ll fare in annual reviews. Not only does it keep everything moving along smoothly, but you also avoid those dreaded showdowns when employees get defensive. This is also a good time to plot your compensation plans.

Jul. 5-11

INTERNET Assign a different competitor’s website to every member of staff with a brief to find something great there, and then bring it back and share it with the team. The focus should be on positive features.

Jul. 12-18

SALES Pledge this month to really listen to your staff verbally interact on the sales floor. Listen to the questions they are asking customers, product-knowledge statements, and their “tests” to ease the closing of a sale.

Jul. 19-25

INVENTORY POS systems are great, but managing by data can often put distance between you and your inventory. Get reacquainted. Spend time moving stuff around and look carefully at all your product. Also review all backstock to make sure there are extras of your bestsellers.

Jul. 26-Aug. 1

OPERATIONS Your online patient forms should include a brief questionnaire about patients’ day-to-day life. If not, start drafting. Armed with this information, you can educate your patients on some of the new lifestyle specific lenses that would benefit them.


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