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Recommend a Simple Solution for Your Patients’ Daily Dry Eye Challenges

Recommend a Simple Solution for
Your Patients’ Daily Dry Eye Challenges


Many of your patients may be surprised to learn that dry eye symptoms can affect them at any time of year. For patients with dry eye, management of their symptoms can be a year-round challenge. Whether patients are experiencing the harsh winds of winter, the heat of summer, too much time on digital devices, or the use of face masks, factors causing dry eye symptoms are everywhere.1,2

About 44 million people in the U.S. suffer from dry eye disease, but only 23 million of sufferers treat their symptoms with drops.3,4,5 That’s why educating your patients about dry eye and available solutions is important so they can find fast symptom relief. For eye care professionals who want to help patients select and use over-the-counter dry eye products properly, it’s imperative to start the conversation in the office.

Recommend a Simple Solution for Your Patients’ Daily Dry Eye Challenges

Within her practice, Elizabeth Yeu, M.D. of Virginia Eye Consultants, works with patients to create the best treatment plan for their dry eye and educates them on symptom triggers, such as spending long hours working in front of the computer, changing weather conditions and even wearing eye makeup.6 Whether chronic dry eye symptoms have been caused by environmental or lifestyle factors, she recommends SYSTANE® COMPLETE Lubricant Eye Drops to help manage symptoms for all major types of dry eye.7

SYSTANE COMPLETE delivers real relief* and accomplishes all of the following and more:

  • Helps maintain tear integrity with its unique delivery system
  • Supports all layers of the tear film
  • Protects against tear evaporation
  • Offers better ocular surface coverage with its nano-droplet technology



“Patients can struggle to find a solution or do not even realize that they are experiencing dry eye if they are unfamiliar with what symptoms actually feel like,” said Dr. Yeu. “With everyday factors like the increasing amount of time spent in front of a screen or changing climate, the number of people who develop dry eye continues to rise. That’s why pointing my patients to a simple, over-the-counter solution like SYSTANE COMPLETE helps me look like a hero and causes minimal practice disruptions.”

Eighty-six percent of patients with dry eye have signs of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) but most dry eye drops purchased do not address evaporative dry eye.4,8 SYSTANE COMPLETE works for all major types of dry eye symptoms, including aqueous-deficient dry eye, evaporative-deficient due to and MGD, and mixed dry eye.9 This combination of functions positions the product as the most advanced solution in SYSTANE’S family of products.

“I see new innovations in dry eye treatment each year,” says Yeu. “While I continue to keep an eye on new artificial tears, I feel confident recommending SYSTANE COMPLETE for all my patients experiencing dry eye symptoms, including those preparing for eye surgery who need to have optimal ocular surface health.”

Additionally, a strong, specific product recommendation of SYSTANE COMPLETE
helps ensure that patients will be using a product designed for their needs.

As the population ages and extended hours staring at devices continue to strain more eyes, dry eye issues will inevitably increase.1 You need a solution for a diverse patient base and every dry eye sufferer and Alcon is at the ready, preparing to further expand the SYSTANE family of products to help you care for patients dealing with dry eye.

SYSTANE is the top doctor-recommended brand of artificial tears, offering real relief to dry eye sufferers 365 days a year.10

Recommend a Simple Solution for Your Patients’ Daily Dry Eye Challenges

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