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RightEye Reveals Finalists of Its 2020 Impact Awards

Finalists were judged based on the magnitude of clinical progress and the patients’ improved quality of life.




(PRESS RELEASE) RightEye LLC revealed the six finalists of its 2020 RightEye Impact Awards. This program was created to recognize, honor and celebrate the many unsung accomplishments of healthcare providers worldwide who are transforming peoples’ lives through measuring and treating functional vision health. RightEye is an eye movement biomarker company using eye-tracking technology to revolutionize health care and to help more accurately identify health and vision issues. The RightEye Impact Awards received submissions from across the United States as well as from Australia, the Netherlands, Albania and Canada. The grand prize winner will be honored at a ceremony on March 13 in the winner’s hometown.

The finalists were judged based on the magnitude of clinical progress and the patients’ improved quality of life. Each provider used RightEye in some way to enable progress, including communicating dysfunction, validating problems, providing solutions, and changing the mindset of patients and families by demonstrating treatment progress. Award applicants used a variety of RightEye tests including Brain Health, Reading, and Functional Vision as well as RightEye’s EyeQ Trainer for improving oculomotor dysfunction.

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“RightEye is helping to improve lives for those affected by many different kinds of issues, such as concussion, dyslexia, Parkinson’s, learning disabilities, and more,” said RightEye CEO Adam Gross. “At the same time, we are providing healthcare providers with a groundbreaking, FDA-cleared tool to help them improve patient care while expanding their practices.

Many people impacted by these problems may never realize that eye movement testing and treatments that address visual/brain processing can actually make a huge difference for them. That’s why we are shining a light on the most inspirational stories we’ve heard from our customers. Narrowing the field down to six finalists was more difficult than we expected because so many of the stories were absolutely incredible.”

The finalists are:

1. Dr. Sally Fryer Dietz, Integrative Concussion & Pediatric Therapy, Dallas, TX
A 13-year-young woman was diagnosed with dyslexia and had been receiving remedial work outside of the clinic. After a RightEye assessment and sensory motor evaluation, Dietz realized the patient was actually not dyslexic and the problem was more related to a visual tracking issue and SI Dysfunction. Following treatment, her scores went up dramatically to several grade levels above where she had initially tested. The patient’s self-esteem and confidence skyrocketed, along with her ability to memorize scripts and read advanced level books.


2. Debra Holtzhauer, Listowel Vision Care, Listowel, Ontario, Canada
A 34-year-old female patient was kicked in the head and her resulting concussion left her with persistent pain and vision issues that impacted her ability to sew, cook, drive, read, etc. After a RightEye test and vision therapy, all symptoms were eliminated or greatly reduced. Pain meds were no longer needed and she was able to resume her daily activities.

3. Jeremiah Jorgensen, Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers, Lincoln, NE
A 7-year-old child was diagnosed with a learning disability and was receiving occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy. After a RightEye test it became clear that a vision issue made it difficult to read and limited her depth perception. Within six weeks of treatment, her spelling and reading tests put her at or near the top of her class, and three months later she rode a bike for the first time in her life. “Due to RightEye we not only changed a child’s life but her father was in tears for helping him enjoy time with his daughter as she can now enjoy childhood tasks and games that most parents take for granted.”

4. Dr. Amanda Nanasy, Florida Institute of Sports Vision at The Eye Center, Pembroke Pines, FL
A college-aged patient had suffered a concussion from a motor vehicle accident and had been under the care of a concussion rehab doctor who did not utilize visual treatment or care. The patient wore glasses and walked with a lean to the side due to poor fixation. Following RightEye testing and prescription of new prisms, he no longer needed glasses, and his lean disappeared.

5. Dr. Neil Renaud, EagleEye Performance Vision, Holland, MI
An 11-year-old patient was struggling with schoolwork, experiencing blurry and double vision, as well as attention issues, poor comprehension, clumsiness and poor handwriting. He was preparing to end his education at the high school level and embark on a blue-collar career that didn’t require reading. Following a RightEye test, Renaud diagnosed oculomotor dysfunction of pursuits, saccades, and fixations. After completion of vision therapy, the patient’s performance in reading, handwriting, and ability to pay attention improved drastically and blurry and double vision became non-existent. He now plans to go to college to become an optometrist.

6. Dr. Gregory Schultz, Eye Center of Virginia, Williamsburg, VA
A CEO of a growing company suffered a concussion after hitting her head on a concrete floor. Symptoms included extreme dizziness, unsteady gait, headaches, confusion, memory issues and delayed reaction time, along with reading ability now at a fourth-grade level. She was told by a neurologist the symptoms would be temporary but she saw no improvement after several months. Following a RightEye test she was diagnosed with multiple deficiencies in horizontal tracking, fixations, horizontal saccades and visual recognition and reaction time. After four months of treatment with RightEye’s EyeQ Trainer, the patient has experienced improvements in tracking, saccades and fixations, with corresponding improvements in function.




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