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Rudy Project Highlights Athletic Employees




Rudy Project athletic employees

Rudy Project employees “walk the walk” with their own impressive athletic pursuits.

(Press Release) Rudy Project is recognized worldwide as a leader in helmets, sunglasses, goggles and prescription eyewear solutions for anyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors. On the other hand, the success of these products would not be possible without an exceptional team of employees, who ‘Walk the Walk, and Talk the Talk’ with their own athletic pursuits, accomplishments and passions.

Amanda Cyr, Rudy Project North America’s Sport Marketing Coordinator (Denver office), is ready to earn her 140.6 sticker. On November 15, 2015 she’ll be tackling her greatest challenge yet, racing IRONMAN Arizona.

This two-time marathon finisher was inspired to jump on the triathlon bandwagon as soon as she joined the Rudy family. After an incredible weight loss transformation, Amanda does not miss an opportunity to try new athletic endeavors. In addition to her ultra-distance goal, Amanda plans to indulge in more naps and burritos in the future. When asked about her Rudy product of choice, Amanda simply stated, “Wing57 or go home.”

Brad Shapiro is most commonly known as the co-owner of Rudy Project North America (San Clemente, CA office), but when he steps outside the office, Brad is an aspiring IRONMAN 70.3 triathlete and Century Cyclist. In the past few years, Brad started riding bikes with a group of accomplished triathletes.


When his 60th birthday rolled around, Brad decided it was time to step out of his comfort zone and complete a triathlon himself. At the start of his training, Brad could barely swim to save his life, but after joining a Masters team and religiously swimming several times a week, he is now confident enough to take on open water.

Most recently, Brad conquered the San Diego International Triathlon and is now looking forward to racing IRONMAN 70.3 Timberman while rocking his Agon ImpactX-2 Clear to Laser Brown glasses. “The sunglasses are so light and comfortable I don’t even know I have them on,” Brad shared. “They automatically adjust to the varying light conditions, so I have clear vision regardless of the weather changes.”

Next up on our list of active employees is Riley Lantz, Rudy Project North America’s PR & Marketing Coordinator (Denver Office). When she’s not tweeting, taking Instagram photos, or having in-office dance parties, Riley is busy pursuing triathlon dreams of her own. In 2013, Riley completed her first sprint distance race, and has never looked back.

Most recently, she finished in the Top 20 at the 2015 USA Triathlon Collegiate Club National Championships. You will also find her racing for another impressive result at the 2015 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this August.

When it comes to race day gear, Riley cannot leave home without her Pink Fluo Wingspan TT/Aero Helmet. “Pink is my race day color of choice, so I had to have this helmet! The key is to go fast, but you have to look good doing it.”

In his third year as Director of PR at Rudy Project (Denver office), most people would assume Devin Johnson has delved into his fair share of competitive events. On the contrary, it wasn’t until Riley and Amanda stepped in the office that he was encouraged to take on a more active lifestyle, and turn his light running hobby into something more.


“While working for Rudy had inspired me to begin running in the first place, Riley and Amanda have been central in my efforts to take on bigger lifestyle changes and start seriously looking at my health, diet, and exercise.”

In August, he plans to complete his first half marathon while rocking his Rudy Project Ergomask Sunglasses. “When I’m running, I want zen. The Ergomask shades are super light & unobtrusive. I love ‘em!”

Last, but not least, is Sport and Optical Inside-Sales Representative, Lea Szabo, (San Clemente, CA office). Before Lea became an expert on all things Rudy, she participated in her first Obstacle Course Race. When she joined the Rudy team, Lea was inspired to continue training and competing beside all the amazing athletes she is privileged to work with on a daily basis.

Currently she is training for the SPARTAN BEAST, which takes place mid-August in Hawaii. Lea’s strength and agility will be tested through 15 miles of grueling terrain and at least 30 different obstacles, but with the help of the Rudy Project line of sport bags, she will be unstoppable. “I will not even attempt to take on the BEAST without my Hydration 10,” Lea claims. “And, the Transition 46 has the capacity to hold all of my requirements to cross train.”

From first-timers to experienced racers, the Rudy Project family is made up of employees who share the same dreams and goals as the athletes they interact with each day. Rudy Project gear keeps competitors from triathlon to obstacle course racing safe, fast, and looking cool.






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