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Joey King: Don’t Ever Tell Me It’s Not Your Job




Smooth seller Joey King of Eyelux Optometry in San Diego, CA

Joey KingEyelux Optometry, San Diego, CA

Joey King, an optician and practice manager, likes the varied aspects of vision care. “More exams equal more opportunities to get patients into glasses. Opticians should understand this and do their part to grow this part of the business.” One thing he never wants to hear? “That’s not my job.” Think of it as a privilege, he adds “rather than something ‘outside of your job description’ to take on a new, different task that you’ll most likely learn something valuable from.”

  • I’ve been in this business for about seven years. I started out at LensCrafters while in college in San Jose, CA.
  • I love to get someone really — I mean really — excited about their glasses. I always try to encourage people to think about their eyewear as a fashion accessory because I believe it can complete your entire look.
  • Recently, I had a patient who really embraced this philosophy. I initially fitted him in a stunning pair of glasses and sunglasses, and we made a note of a third pair that was a bit more edgy and fun. When he picked up his first order, he went ahead and ordered that third pair. After picking up these, we found yet another pair that looked great on him which he immediately ordered. And upon picking up his fourth pair, you guessed it, we found a fifth pair that he couldn’t live without. The best part of it was each pair was so unique and gave him a completely different look. That’s what I love to see.
  • Compared to some, I have a modest collection of eyewear of about eight pairs, probably four of which I wear regularly. My favorite pair is always changing because it’s usually my newest. I have a pair of Barton Perreiras that, if I had to choose, would be my favorite. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s the pair I’ve gone the longest without actually losing, or because it always fits comfortably and looks good.
  • I know it’s time to take a few days off when I start feeling like a robot, repeating the same lines and same activities again and again.
  • I get really into being someone’s personal stylist for that brief time they’re in our office. I let them feel pampered by sitting back and relaxing while I pick out several frames that I know are going to look great on them.
  • I feel like I discover a new designer every day! I really like Sheila Vance. I appreciate a designer who stays true to their original concept. Her product is consistently good, and her story touches me.
  • I’m optimistic about the future of our business because technology is ever-changing and constantly evolving. A new lens type seems to be released every other week. Sometimes we may feel like we’re fighting a losing battle with big box and online retailers, but with self- and patient education, we can use all this technology to our advantage. But as with everything consumers buy, they need to see the value. If an optician doesn’t do a good job at sharing with a patient the value in what they’re getting, what’s going to stop them from buying online next time? What did they get from you that they can’t just point and click and get delivered to their door?
  • If I met someone on their very first day in optical sales, I’d tell them to ask questions and listen to the answers!

This article originally appeared in the September 2015 edition of INVISION.



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