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Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017




The Latest and Greatest
Coming Out of Vision Expo East


New. New. New! Nothing creates buzz quite like the introduction of something new. We know that. We also know that your best opportunity to discover new things happens each year at Vision Expo.

So, we took it upon ourselves to wade through it all and single out a few new things we found really exciting.

Having something new to talk to your customers about always gives a boost to sales and staff morale, whether it’s new to the industry to just new to you. 

In the next few pages you’ll find some of the newest frame and sunglass collections, as well and lens and equipment offerings you can experience at Vision Expo East. It is by no means an exhaustive list and at INVISION we pride ourselves on reflecting the voices of our readers and sharing cool stuff, so if you discover something we’ve missed that we just must know about, drop us a line at and we’ll be sure to check it out too.




It wouldn’t be Vision Expo East without the launch of a few new exciting frame collections! Moderately priced, design-packed and family friendly, these brand new lines may just be exactly what you’re looking for to fill that product mix void. 

Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


Featuring both ophthalmic frames and sunwear, Realtree Girl combines the world’s No. 1 camouflage brand with tween-friendly designs. “A Realtree Girl is a lover of the outdoors, a fashion trendsetter and the girl next door,” says Realtree founder Bill Jordan. Over 10 styles in multiple colors are available. Model G305, shown here, features pretty pastels and authentic Realtree camo on the temples.

Booth #2421
T (800) 292-4342 | W


Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


Life is Good brings its optimistic outlook to moderately-priced eyewear for the entire family. The launch collection features 16 ophthalmic, 17 sun and 10 reader styles for men, women and teens; the kids’ collection will be available in May. Each optical frame style is named after a “hero of optimism” for an everyday reminder to focus on the good. 


Booth #2553
T (800) 966-2020

Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


With her penchant for bright, kid-friendly colors and stand-out shapes, it makes sense that Gwen Stefani’s next fashion project would involve kids. gx by Gwen Stefani now includes 7 junior girls’ models and 5 stylish specs for boys. Two models — one for boys and one for girls — come with six different interchangeable, magnetic emoji charms for the temples. 

Booth #1509
(800) 242-8872


Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


For subscribers and non-subscribers alike, the Esquire Eyewear Collection includes 30 durable and masculine frames designed in collaboration with the editors at Esquire magazine. Constructed of acetate, stainless steel and titanium, the collection features bold colors and sleek, sophisticated profiles. On-trend model 1510, shown here, will appeal to modern, style-oriented men.

Booth #1223
(800) 221-6966

Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


Charmant introduces the Eddie Bauer eyewear collection of ophthalmic frames and sunglass styles for men and women focused on the brand’s modern outdoor lifestyle. Designed with the Eddie Bauer customer in mind, these functional frames offer both classic style and quality. Vibrant women’s model EB32209, shown here, is ready for adventure. 

Booth #2727
(800) 645-2121




It is always easy to get excited about something new but something that is new and truly spectacular, well that’s almost transcendent. Color, embellishment, materials, technology, utility, the new introductions on this page each have a characteristic that really make them stand out. 


Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


Havaianas flip-flops are a summer necessity, and now the iconic Brazilian brand brings its style and comfort to sunglasses. The launch collection exudes the energy of Brazil, with fun colors and fashionable shapes named for famous Brazilian beach destinations — the Noronha/S is shown here. The frames feature Havaianas comfortable rubber finishing with the famous rice pattern, familiar from the sole of the flip-flops.

Booth #2749

T (800) 631-1188

Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


Philippe V introduces its first ever optical collection of titanium frames. Phillipe V’s aim is to provide a functional piece for the 21st century. The X frames morphs into a 2-in-1 piece that protects from computer vision syndrome and the sun, as well as being RX-able. Through a partnership with Essilor, Philippe V frames use the Essilor Computer lens and Essilor Sun Solutions lenses in the clip-on which is anti-scratch, rear AR-coated and oleophobic on both sides

Booth # 1779

T (310) 944-5674


Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


PogoTec, a wearable tech developer, has partnered with four optical frame and sunglass companies to launch a small, frame-mounted camera, called PogoCam designed for the mass market. ClearVision Optical, FGX International, Argus Vision and Vista Eyewear will introduce ophthalmic frame or sunwear collections featuring PogoTrack, a proprietary system developed by PogoTec that features a thin, magnetized strip located on the outside of the temple. ClearVision will debut PogoCam at Vision Expo as part of its Ocean Pacific Collection (shown).

Booth # 1821 (shared with ClearVision)

T (904) 501-5309

Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


Jason Wu has launched his new eyewear line with eponym featuring a full range of optical and sun styles designed with the designer’s signature and refined point of view. The collection is characterized by a juxtaposition of natural materials with the geometric details characteristic of mid-century modern design. Handmade in Japan, the styles feature custom Mazzuchelli acetates, Swarovski pearls, and gold and rose gold details. 

Booth # G257

T (917) 407-9143


Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


Classique has added a new brand to their portfolio, GIOS Italia. The collection captures the beauty and charm of Italy. Its rich culture, heritage, and artistic creativity are skillfully woven into a colorful collection that portrays the ‘Sweet life of Italy.’ GIOS Italia is made from quality materials including Titanium and Mazzuchelli acetates in rich color hues and constructed with specialty hardware components.

Booth # G843
T (866) 604-5700 | W



Seeing good. That’s why we’re all here right? Well, then the optics are kind of the most important part, no? So, thank goodness for continually evolving technologies. Lenses and contact lenses continue to get more sophisticated and progress allows more ECPs to offer personalized solutions. 

Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


A scleral lens and solution have been introduced from Bausch + Lomb Specialty Vision Products. The Zen RC Scleral contact lens is designed to fit a wide range of normal corneal sizes and uses SmartCurve technology to simplify the fitting process and allow ECPs to customize the lens. In addition, B+L is promoting ScleralFil, a preservative-free saline solution, to help insert and clean scleral lenses. 

Booth #MS4817


Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


Conventional lenses are not designed to refresh the eyes of contact lens wearers after extended wear. So, ZEISS has developed EnergizeMe Lenses to address these needs. EnergizeMe Lenses combine a new design with Digital Inside Technology and ZEISS’ DuraVision BlueProtect coating to help tired eyes relax and prevent digital eye strain. The lenses come in three options: Single Vision, Digital, and Progressives. 

Booth #LP4011

T (858) 790-7700 | W


Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


The latest in two-week contact lens technology is now available to eyecare professionals and their astigmatic patients with CooperVision’s Avaira Vitality toric. Made from a new silicone hydrogel material, Avaira Vitality toric uses CooperVision’s unique Optimized Toric Lens Geometry with a higher water content (55 percent) and high level of oxygen permeability and transmissibility, resulting in a healthier lens-wearing experience. 

Booth # MS4517



Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


Essilor Sun Solution, dedicated to sun plano lenses, has created a new E-SUN brand and a portfolio of five new sun-technologies to communicate their motto, “No ordinary sunwear.” The portfolio includes E-SUN RX, sun RX options; E-SUN POLARFUN, polarized lenses; E-SUN KOLOR UP, color vision in the sun; E-SUN VARIA, photochromic sun lenses; and E-SUN MAGICOAT, a special coating to protect sun lenses.

Booth #LP4233

T (214) 496-4000

Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


A new line of thin, light lenses is available from Super Optical with the launch of their VisionAir 1.56 index material. VisionAir 1.56, in digital progressive and single vision lenses, is exclusively made for FastGrind, Super Optical’s all-in-one lens surfacing system. VisionAir also comes in a new photochromic called Conversion that is made exclusively by FastGrind. 

Booth #LP4159

T (513) 321-2456


Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


A nearly clear lens that blocks harmful blue light is the latest from BluTech Lenses. Made of polycarbonate, it is light in color and density regardless of prescription with Blue Light Plus, a formulation of pigments, dyes and lens materials embedded in the lens. It provides filtration of 459 nm to 484 nm which can be emitted by tablets and may disrupt sleep when used at night. 

Booth #1621 (shared with ClearVision)

T (800) 258-5902 | W




Using the right tool for the task is always the best way to accomplish anything. There is no shortage of tools and equipment necessary for a dispensary to run efficiently and effectively but sometimes there is just a better tool out there for the job. From large to small, here are few companies striving to build a better mousetrap. 

Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


The B&S OptiCar Screwdriver Set is the newest lab and dispensing product from Hilco Vision. The base, shaped like a car, features a metal design with free moving solid rubber wheels. The set includes five B&S Screwdrivers: four are slotted 1.0, 1.4, 1.8, and 2.3mm and one is a Phillips 2.0mm screwdriver. 

Booth #1521

T (800) 955-6544 | W


Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017

2. 3DNA

Eye-DNA’s new eyewear design app is an end-to-end platform. ECPs adjust the shape, size, and material which is instantly rendered in 3D. The software includes patient photo and 3D scan import, PD measurement, segmented lens simulation, and social sharing. Intended for optical labs and retailers interested in private label eyewear, 3DNA is also suited for ECPs who want to reduce inventory costs, offer bespoke eyewear, and deliver a new patient experience. The free software allows in-app purchases or digital files for labs or retailers equipped with 3DNA-certified fabrication capabilities.

Booth #1978


Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


The Edge Designer Station (EDS) from MEI, an external work station using an integrated optical reader called Shape Finder, allows the measurement of any lens shape including step back, holes and slots. The EDS also allows you to use the MEI EZFit (Standard, Advanced or NoBlock) and prepare the next job on an external unit at the same time. The Shape Finder reduces the shape detection time and can detect any standard or sport lens shape. 

Booth # LP4203

T (630) 521-8588

Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


Satisloh’s Digi-Pro polish is specifically engineered for Satisloh’s digital polishers but can be used on all organic lens materials and in any digital polishing system. Its frost-resistant chemistry prevents product damage — saving money — and is available in one and five gallon pails.

Booth #LP4421


Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


Coburn Technologies’ Cobalt NX Lens Generator has a linear motor and an integrated spindle to provide extra precision and accurate lens geometry. Other new features include an on-board mechanical engraver and automatic calibration. 

Booths #LP4353 and #LP4453

T (800) 262-8761




Not technically new but maybe new to you, the collections on these pages are too good to miss. Chock full of independent brands and buzzy new trends — Mixed materials! Lightweight acetate! Updated vintage! Translucent acetates! — these lines are definitely worth taking another look at.

Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


You can always count on Robert Marc to transport you someplace gorgeous each season. For his 2017 Resort Collection, he takes us to a tropical island. The new styles, three sun and two ophthalmic, contrast softly tinted crystal with opaque marbled acetates inspired by objects found on a beach walk: Sea Shell, Blue Reef, Coconut, Sea Glass, and Calico Shell, with frames named after exotic islands: Fiji, Tahiti, Makira, MaiKai, and Kaina. 

Booth #U408

T (212) 675-5200 | W


Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


Launched last year in tribute to the designer’s 30 years of creativity, the Jean-François Rey 1985 line has added new styles. Ophthalmic and sun, the models faithfully represent the original drawings and are updated with new technologies and materials improving comfort and lightness. Full of flat silhouettes, many suns feature mirrored effects nostalgic of the 80s.

See at The Loft NYC


Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


Remember when Mykita introduced their revolutionary material Mylon? Cool to be sure, but large and a little clunky. Well those days are long over and today’s Mylon is slick and finely detailed. Those traits are highlighted in the latest campaign featuring new styles in a series of stylized, close range product shots that emphasize the composition of material, construction and surface.

Booth #G353

T (973) 669-0063


Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


Ogi Eyewear’s Red Rose has released the Bianchi and Milan, both made of high-density (HD) acetate for a slender profile and even more resilience. The Bianchi is a vintage-inspired cat-eye with stainless steel temples in a double bar construction. The Milan (shown) is a classic style, that unites an iconic round frame with a keyhole bridge. Both are available in four colorations.

Booth #G527

T (888) 560-1060 | W


Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


Conceived as a personal interpretation of MODO’s exclusive Paper-Thin Titanium collection, the exclusive Valerio Sommella VS1 line showcases the Italian designer’s industrial design background. Trendy model Trotter highlights the play between the Beta Titanium 153 frame and Polyamide rim. 

Booth #G743

T (800) 223-7610 | W


Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


Match Eyewear unveils three new styles from its Si by Helium eyewear collection. The new models feature sculpted etched patterns in Italian acetate and metal in easy wearable shapes. Targeting a younger audience, the Si by Helium collection offers a bolder design approach. Here, the Si 1011, offers a full rim square style featuring sculpted laser cuts in a metal floral motif.   

Booth #1941

T (516) 877-0170 | W


Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


ic! berlin presents its first ever collection of rubberized sunglasses. Handmade in Berlin, a perforated sheet metal core is injection-molded with hot liquefied polyurethane-based thermoplastic elastomer, which as it sets, solidifies into an elastic rubber that is scratch resistant, heat resistant and latex free. The three new shapes are Wipeout, Kingpin (shown) and Pulse, each is available in four colors. 

Booth # G767

T (215) 634-8990

Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


Moscot has introduced six new styles into its Originals Collection and all are available as ophthalmic or suns. The new styles include the Billik and Boychik in acetate, two takes on the aviator with the Bulvan and Heldish (shown), the metal Shtarker, and the larger Zoftik in sizes 51 and 54. 

Booth # G118




Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


Vuarent has introduced two new styles to their Cable Collection. The Cable Car Cateye is Vuarnet’s most glamorous model so far, with a distinctive shape inspired by the Vuarnet 02 model updated with a stainless steel nose bridge. The Cable Edge Round (shown) is a deep transparent acetate frame with grey polar blue flash lenses and white stainless steel accents. Like all Vuarnet sunglasses, they both feature Vuarnet mineral glass lenses. 

Booth #G447

T (914) 495-3701 | W


Special Buying Guide: Vision Expo East 2017


Blackfin meets acetate with Blackfin Lamina Plus. Four new models made entirely of titanium are paired with cellulose acetate eye-rims. Two ladies’ models, one men’s and one unisex, the combination styles are easy to fit with prescription lenses without the need to remove the rings, making it possible to use lenses made of standard materials. The vibrant Searose BF792 (shown) uses contrasting colors to highlight the dual materials. 

Booth # G775

T (516) 277-2800 | W




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