100% Excellence. 100% Ray-Ban.

The Ray-Ban you know and love, now with prescription lenses.



Ray-Ban authentic glasses are now delivered with prescription lenses for all devotees of the iconic brand. This new program extends the value and trust of the brand through to prescription lenses, delivering an authentic, 100% Ray-Ban product.

  • A Wide Range of Options
    Patients can now choose Ray-Ban prescription lenses from a range of more than 10 options in clear, solid, mirrored, or gradient colors, all created to maintain the same iconic look they get with Ray-Ban plano glasses.
  • Unwavering Identity
    All prescription lenses come with Ray-Ban’s unique logo stamps of authenticity on both clear and tinted lenses, ensuring each pair remains, undeniably, 100% Ray-Ban.



Ray-Ban prescription lenses leverage the most innovative technologies to create unique lenses specifically designed, developed, and produced for Ray-Ban glasses.

  • Ahead of the Curve
    The combination of Digital Surface Technology (DST) and optimized edging and finishing technology ensures that every pair of Ray-Bans delivers perfect vision.
  • Optimized for each patient
    Lenses are calibrated to the patient’s specific measurements (prescription, PDs, and optical center height), as well as to the technical parameters of the selected frame.




A streamlined lens offer and integrated ordering platform for frames and lenses makes managing the Ray-Ban prescription lenses program simple.

  • Simple for the Patient
    Choosing the right lens is easy, with four packages from which to choose, both for sun and clear lenses and a range of ten different colors.
  • Simple for the ECP
    my.luxottica.com provides a single order entry platform for both glasses and lenses. At the same time, the Ray-Ban integrated supply chain ensures the complete pair is delivered to the office within six business days, hassle free.



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