From classroom to playground, Crizal for Kids lenses provide performance, durability and superior UV protection.


Nearly everything a child does in school depends on good vision. Eighty percent of students’ learning’s comes from their eyes.1 Maximizing a student’s potential is a priority, as evidenced by the significant financial investments in tablets, laptops and other devices. A child’s eyeglasses should be considered as an investment as well, and are essential for learning and educational success.

A good eyeglass lens for children should not only offer great vision, but should also be impact and scratch resistant, durable, lightweight and offer protection against Harmful Blue Light2 and UV. While most consumers are aware of the potential effects of harmful light both from sunlight and from digital devices, most of them still do not realize that their eyeglasses are capable of reducing exposure to harmful light transmission. Parents are especially eager to protect children, who are regularly exposed to plasma and LED screens for schoolwork as well as for play. Taking into account the visual demands of the modern student, Essilor has created a set of packaged lenses designed especially for children that can correct and help protect their vision.

The Crizal® for Kids product line consists of two lens bundles: Crizal Kids UV™ and Crizal® Prevencia® Kids. Both feature Essilor’s impact-resistant Airwear® 1.59 polycarbonate lens with a Crizal® No-Glare lens solution. These are currently the only pediatric lenses on the market that are packaged with Crizal, a lens treatment which protects against glare, scratches, smudges, dust and water.

As a measure of safety for children, Essilor has also added a level of UV protection to these lenses by providing both front side UV protection and backside reduction in reflection.

What differentiates Crizal Kids UV from Crizal Prevencia Kids is the reduction of Harmful Blue Light. Crizal Prevencia No Glare lens treatments are designed to reduce exposure to Harmful Blue Light3 while selectively allowing Beneficial Blue Light4 to pass through. This beneficial light helps regulate the children’s sleep cycle.

While the back-to-school season may feel like a long way off, May is a great time to start introducing patients to Crizal for Kids lenses. Planting the seed of knowledge now will increase acceptance at the time of the actual exam, and Essilor has tools to help you achieve this.

Once in the office, the conversation about Crizal for Kids is as simple as talking to your young patient to learn about his or her daily visual tasks. Ask about the devices they use, the amount of time they spend looking at screens and all visual habits in their classroom. Questions about electronic device usage will help pique curiosity and start the conversation so you can educate the whole family about Crizal Prevencia.

The Crizal for Kids lens packages are ready to start children off to a great school year. Parents will appreciate the benefits, and the whole family will feel confident in their investment. These products will help you gain a patient for life, and the peace of mind that each child is fully prepared for the school year.

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2 Identified harmful blue light through in vitro experiment on swine retinal cells. which is the high energy waves found between 415-455nm (blue-violet light).
3 Crizal Prevencia block at least 20% of Harmful Blue Light.
4 Blue-Turquoise Light, which is located between 465-495 nm.