Back to School:
It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

New schedules. New teachers. New friends. New eyewear! It’s no wonder parents and kids are overwhelmed this time of year! Help your patients shake the end-of-summer jitters with fresh back-to-school promotions and helpful tips to raise their awareness of eyecare essentials.

Chapter 1: Explore!

Check out walmanoptical.com/bts to find the best and brightest back-to-school promotions, merchandising and marketing tips, and ideas for launching your own campaign.


Chapter 2: Discover!

Once you dive in, you’ll uncover Walman Optical’s treasure trove of back-to-school packages, and collections. This includes frame promos for Walman Optical, Eyewear Designs, and Nouveau Eyewear, as well as the Way Cool and C&B Scene frame and Rx packages. 


Chapter 3: Activate!

Go to the RESOURCES area of the site for, well, resources! On this page you’ll find valuable information you can use to educate your patients and raise awareness in your community. 

Kids’ Eye Health

  • Blue light protection
  • Sun protection
  • Kids’ eyes facts

Marketing and Merchandising

  • Customizable counter cards and flyers
  • Guides
  • Additional P.O.P. options

Sports Eyewear and the ProLens Protect - Sport Package

  • Details about Sports Eyewear by Walman Optical and the ProLens Protect – Sport Package
  • Causes of sports-related eye injuries
  • Recommendations from Prevent Blindness


Beyond the Office

Catch students’ eyes by reaching out to schools, sports clubs, dental offices, and other local establishments to discuss how you can work together to increase eye health awareness while promoting your practice.