DriveSafe progressives provide more distance and mid-range viewing area.

Better Vision,
in and out of the Car
ECPs report on their own enhanced vision while wearing DriveSafe lenses

riving presents many challenges to the eyes. Poor vision while driving can have deadly consequences too. Over 60 percent of drivers have difficulty driving in rain, snow, fog and during night-time hours. For these reasons Carl Zeiss Vision has developed DriveSafe, an all-day lens and coating package that offers the best vision possible for driving. ZEISS carried out extensive consumer research by studying the ergonomics of someone driving a car and working with a headlight manufacturer and an institute in Stuttgart to record drivers’ eye movements.

Revolutionary is how Dr. Alan Goldstone of Dr. Goldstone High Definition Vision Center, Fountain Valley, CA, describes it. “DriveSafe is the real deal,” he says, “There is nothing else like it on the market.”

ZEISS has taken the anti-reflection idea to a higher level with this new lens and coating, says Dr. Zane Vandiver of Eagle Ranch Vision Source, Fort Worth, TX. “It is different,” he adds.

By reducing glare and reflection, DriveSafe’s unique technology addresses the most stressful visual challenges drivers face. Its Luminance Design technology enables better vision in low light conditions. Its DuraVision DriveSafe coating offers dramatically reduced glare from oncoming headlights or streetlights and a special DriveSafe design enables drivers to easily switch vision between the road, dashboard and mirrors.

There is nothing else like it on the market.”
- Dr. Alan Goldstone

“Every winter more than 1.3 million people search the Internet for topics like night driving and driving in the rain,” says Jens Boy, ZEISS Vision Care’s President, North America. “This suggests that many people are experiencing problems in these situations and actively seeking a solution. ZEISS DriveSafe makes it easy for ECPs to address this significant patient need.”

DriveSafe is a complete solution with a specific lens design and coating engineered for use in dim lighting conditions. ZEISS engineers have tweaked their traditional progressive design to offer near vision suitable for all day wear. DriveSafe has a 43 percent larger midrange viewing area for easier focus and a 14 percent larger distance viewing area for a wider view of the road. It is suitable for both progressive and single vision wearers and comes in a variety of materials like a sunglass or photochromic lens and in a wide Rx range.

Duravision DriveSafe coating offers enhanced vision in low light conditions.

During trials over an eight-month period, 97 percent of wearers said they were satisfied with DriveSafe while driving and 94 percent said they had better vision doing everyday tasks. They reported more comfortable vision and less stress while driving. “ZEISS has optimized this lens for the driving experience,” says Dr. Vandiver. “DriveSafe can be a regular full-time lens to enhance vision overall, but it can also make a difference when driving at night. When I’m not wearing DriveSafe I realize the glare from headlights is much worse. When I do wear DriveSafe I have better clarity and it can reduce my problems with glare and reflection.”

Dr. Goldstone tried the lens before prescribing it to patients and said it definitely made a difference in his night driving. “It’s the first lens ever that tremendously improved my glare at night and I could see street signs more clearly.”

With this new product, Dr. Vandiver says, “ZEISS did a lot of work improving on basic AR technology. DriveSafe performs so much better than standard AR by reducing glare and enhancing overall perception and vision.”