Crizal® No-glare Lenses

We understand that as an eyecare professional, you want to ensure your patients achieve their best vision. This means giving them the right prescription and recommending lenses that truly help your patients see better. 

Essilor’s commitment to its customers illustrates how we think ahead to create industry-leading products that improve the lives of your patients and drive more consumers to your practice. Together with you, we celebrate Crizal® No-Glare lenses, Essilor’s innovation in the no-glare lens category which has provided the clearest vision possible to millions of your patients for the last 25 years. Crizal offers the best combination of clarity, durability and cleanability while helping protect patients’ eyes from harmful light. This is why nearly 600 million lenses have been sold since 1992, with one pair sold every single second worldwide in 20161. Awarded the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval as a symbol of consumer trust and satisfaction for four years in a row, it’s clear why four out of five consumers prefer Crizal over ordinary lenses2.



As part of its 25th anniversary celebration, team Crizal asked patients to share their stories3. Here is just some of what they have to say:

Yvette G.: “When my daughter was in third grade, she got glasses with Crizal lenses. She loved those glasses! Now she’s 12 and has a new prescription, and she won’t wear any glasses that don’t have Crizal lenses. I also need glasses and am planning to try Crizal myself so I can see what my daughter finds so wonderful about these lenses.”  

Lori S.: “I went to my eyecare specialist and they guided me into Crizal lenses. I can actually see again. I can drive at night again with no glare. They are crystal clear and clean up so nicely.  I will recommend them to everyone!  I love them.”



Independent eyecare professionals also find a lot to love about Crizal. Dr. Robert Davis of The Eye Center in Pembroke Pines, Fla., says, “I’ve been recommending Crizal to my patients since the inception of the lens. Before Crizal we did have anti-reflective lenses, but they smudged and were hard to keep clean. Once we started prescribing Crizal, that all went away. Patients love the lens -- they see better, feel better and say they look better too.”

Dr. Carol Record of Drs. Record & Record Optometrists in Charlottesville, Va., agrees. “Crizal lenses help our patients see better, and they help contribute to healthy eyes. They ward off the enemies of clear vision: glare, scratches, and smudges. They also reduce the amount of UV light entering the eye from the back surface of the lens, and they’re more durable and scratch-resistant than lenses without Crizal.”

By partnering with Essilor and recommending Crizal lenses, you can help your patients enjoy worry-free vision every day.

1According to an internal sales report (2016).

22016 University of Arkansas Sensory Science Laboratory, Dr. Han-Seok Seo, sponsored by Essilor. Study consisted of 200 participants.

3Patients were offered a chance to win a prize in exchange for providing a testimonial.