It’s the Time of Year to Talk Sunwear

Summer is here and with it comes a great time to show the exciting prescription sunwear choices available to your patients. It’s the perfect opportunity to deliver the protection and correction your patients need while demonstrating the newest, most popular color and mirror options. Encourage your patients to be creative and match their favorite frames with a new pair of lenses to show off their personality.

Customizable Sunwear for All

There are all kinds of opportunities to make each patient’s sunwear choice unique. Whether a patient prefers a solid or gradient color or wants to add a stylish mirror, patients can now get a colorful pair of sun lenses that protect their eyes and correct their vision.

Essilor’s newest portfolio of Essilor® Sunwear Colors™ includes tinted, Essilor Polarized, and premium Xperio UV™ polarized lenses. All three categories of lens options are available in six solid and gradient colors, in addition to the existing brown, gray and gray-green. Essilor Sunwear Colors include unique colors like emerald blue, plum and grape. These colors are long-lasting because they are made with a special manufacturing process only available when your patient selects one of the six Essilor Sunwear Colors solid or gradient options. Suggest one of three mirror coatings to give your patients even more choices. Now patients do not have to choose between getting the correction they need and the colors they love.

Comprehensive UV Protection

Make sure that your patients are protected with both front- and back-side UV protection with Xperio UV polarized lenses. It is critical that your patients do not have to sacrifice protection from harmful UV light in favor of fashion. All of the new Essilor Sunwear Colors options are available in Xperio UV polarized sun lenses.

Finally, prescription sunwear with comprehensive UV protection is keeping up with nonprescription lens color and mirror trends!