TMA with custom butterfly shape and purple gradient, faceted lens

Silhouette: Welcome to Miami

From New York City’s SoHo to Venice Beach in Los Angeles, Silhouette’s Street Style videos have presented fresh perspectives on rimless eyewear against iconic backdrops. Now, with a stop on Miami’s Lincoln Road under its belt, the Street Style team has visited a hat trick of undeniably influential locations that reveal truths in trendsetting and stylish versatility.

The subjects in all three makeover videos fit demographics that ECPs may not often associate with rimless. The semi- and full-rimmed styles worn at first by the featured players have an unavoidable heaviness to them. It’s likely that these individuals had never even considered an eyewear look that would be considered light and clean, much less completely rimless. What’s worth noting, though, is that creativity knows no bounds when it comes to the options available in rimless eyewear. Here’s a look at what Street Style Miami brought to Lincoln Road.

TMA with cat-eye shape 4526 and light peach tint


TMA with oval shape 5410 and light brown gradient tint
TMA with cat-eye shape 4526 and faux rim edge color
TMA with round shape 4535 and gradient blue tint


1. Something Different

Knowing that she needs her glasses day in and day out, one subject in the video pointed out the importance of having something that stands out from the crowd. Her immediate response, post makeover: “It’s something different—I think it matches me! I love it.”

2. Day to Night

A freelance commercial artist described her usual glasses as “generally something functional,” noting that “they slip” and “are not the most comfortable.” Upon trying out a rimless look, her face lit up. “I like that they seem like they would go from daytime to nighttime,” she said. “I like that little bit of tint. It’s like makeup without makeup—perfect. I love them.”

3. Face It

During his first encounter with rimless, one subject in the Miami video said, “I would love to have glasses where I could have the same face with or without the glasses,” and once the rimless eyewear made it to his face, he said, “Very light! I would be very happy to wear these.” 

4. Modern Comfort

Potential rimless customers need to know about the true breadth of the options available to them. One subject, upon being presented with rimless glasses featuring a faux rim edge color, was thrilled with the combination of maintaining her preferred cat-eye style while being able to see more of her face. “I love the cut—it’s different, it’s modern,” she said. She also pointed out the practical benefits of the makeover, noting, “They’re very comfortable. They don’t fall, and they’re super light.”

5. Professional Focus

Some of the subjects in the on-the-street video realized mid-makeover that they did indeed want a no-glasses-on-my-face look, while others were overjoyed by the effects of the tints. One subject, a medical student who performs surgeries, loved the lightweight aspect of the slightly tinted glasses he tried on, saying, “I can’t even feel that they’re on!”


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