Powerful Protection

Independence. Education. Knowledge. Walman Optical’s protective eyewear options offer you, the ECP, this triad of experiences as you select the best packages for your dispensary. The carefully curated lenses that comprise our new ProLens Protect packages feature brands including—but not limited to—Essilor, Shamir, Zeiss, and our proprietary lens portfolios, POWER and Perceive HD. Our continual investments in state-of-the-art equipment in our labs across the country, including specialty edging equipment, allow us to provide the quality and precision required for this type of work, even for the most challenging Rxs.

Need polarized options? Done—and of course you do. Ready for a wrap? Check. Within the categories of Sun, Sport, and Home Safety, you can select from a host of options to create unique, customized lens-frame combinations that will surprise your patients (in a good way) and give them the tools they need to protect their eyes in style, no matter what they’re doing.  


ProLens Protect Sun

With collections including Betsey Johnson Sun, Callaway Sun, Tony Hawk Sun, Realtree Sun, and Realtree Girl Sun, the style piece of this equation achieves “mission accomplished” status before your patients even start thinking about UV protection. From fans of fashion-forward mirror coatings to patients looking for the top digital lens designs—and everyone in between—the ProLens Protect package offers your patients stylish sun protection as you increase profitability.


ProLens Protect Sport

Athletes score a safety home run with collections including ProGear by Acuity and C2, Jam’n, and T-Zone by Hilco. The ProLens Protect package also features protective sports frame and lens options that maximize athletic performance without diminishing safety. From t-ball to the major leagues, patients will reach their highest potential with these collections.

ProGear Eyeguard by Acuity Optical USA

ProLens Protect Home Safety

Eye safety is in the house, literally, with the ProLens Protect package. Collections including On-Guard and armouRx Realtree, with top-notch lens choices, offer patients ultimate protection when they work with chemicals, tools, or other hazardous items or materials at home. And since Walman Optical is Wiley X approved, practices maintain their frame warranty when we do the lab work. Help patients protect themselves against some of the most common, preventable accidents by offering them an education in protective eyewear through the brands you carry. 

Walman Optical proudly serves patients as well as practices as a reliable, trusted partner to the optical community. We strive to help you offer your patients the protection they need by way of concrete, stylish solutions they want at the highest level of quality for first-, second- and even third-pair sales.

OnGuard Home Safety Eyewear, Style OG144