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Stop That Slipping and Sliding With One Simple Tool

It’s something we should all have in our toolbox.




WE ARE NOT in the business of “One Size Fits All.” For years, I have had patients concerned about their plastic frames sliding down their nose. We’ve all heard the same words uttered, “Help! I have to keep pushing my glasses up.” Oily skin, sweat, improper fit and poor adjustment are often the problem and higher prescription powers resulting in more overall weight contributes to this “slipping” and “sliding” as well.

What else can we do?

“Alternative” fit bridge selections have contributed to better patient comfort and overall fit. But what if the frame your patient is most interested in doesn’t come in an Alternative fit? There are several products on the market that can add an anti-slip silicone pad to the existing bridge. These “butterfly” pads or stick on pads come in many variations and sizes.

I’ve come to favor a butterfly pad from Group Medical Supply; though several companies carry this product, this is the first I have found with a U.S. distributor. I’ve previously ordered PanPan products from China via Amazon, and there is also a pad made in Japan available on eBay. Other single-sided products are available from OptiSource, but I prefer the security of the butterfly style versus the one sided options. These pads are not permanent and are easy to remove.  I personally provide the included instructions to each patient. Since they can be removed, leave no residue and don’t cause any physical alteration to the frame, warranties generally remain intact.

An alternative to these stick on pads is a customized option which would traditionally be installed by a specialist and is a permanent alteration to the frame. If you aren’t able to do this in-house, you can check your local area for an optical workshop capable of this type of work; though double check the terms of the frame’s warranty and inform your patient beforehand if this alteration will void it.

As opticians and eyecare professionals we should always strive to provide the best patient care we can. Giving our patients the knowledge and understanding that what might look great but not fit great does not mean, “We need to find you a metal frame.”


Our patients have many choices. Placing our patients in the most appropriate lenses for the prescription and helping them select a frame that will not “slip and slide” is always a positive solution.





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