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The Fall Buying Season Heats Up at VEW




We hope you haven’t maxed that annual budget just yet because Vision Expo West has some stuff that is hot, hot, hot. We’ve rounded up the frames, lenses, tools and campaigns that are bringing the fire, and some won’t even cost you a thing. So run, don’t walk. Special buying guide By INVISION Staff



It isn’t a proper trade show without a little style and these collections have it in spades. Looking to inject your optical with a little pizazz? Look no further.

The Fall Buying Season Heats Up at VEW

Fly Away

Part of FYSH UK’s Fall 2018 collection, F-3617 is an aviator-inspired frame with a honeycomb pattern around the rim. The WestGroupe collection also includes a large fit frame (F-3616). Booth #17019

$225 all styles

Advertisement | (855) 455-0042


The Fall Buying Season Heats Up at VEW

Love Triangle

Elegance and style are at the core of Marcolin’s latest collection from GUESS, which includes 14 optical styles and four sun styles. The ’50s-inspired model GU7606 features a chain with two signature Guess triangles. Booth #16053

$72-$120 suns, $140-$216 optical | (800) 345-8482




The Fall Buying Season Heats Up at VEW


Signature, Please!

Transitions Optical and Essilor of America offer new colors from TRANSITIONS SIGNATURE lenses and six XTRACTIVE style mirrors. New lens colors include amber (shown here) and emerald. Mirror colors include gold, silver shadow, red and green. Booth #LP11065

Price upon request

Advertisement | 800-542-5668



The Fall Buying Season Heats Up at VEW


The Write Stuff

You know MOLESKINE for its notetaker’s dream journal collection, writing tools, and other journalicious accessories. Now the brand writes a new chapter with eyewear from Eyewear Designs. Moleskine Eyewear offers 18 optical styles, and a line of readers to follow in November. Models MO 1104 (top) and MO 1107 (bottom) shown. Booth #18015

$89.95 all styles | (800) 645-6596



The Fall Buying Season Heats Up at VEW

Easy As 1, 2, 3D

Sarah, Manu, Erwin, and Felix may sound like a group of friends you’d want to hang out with, but in this case, they’re the styles in NEUBAU’s environmentally sustainable, 3D-printed collection. The details and textures are the result of the precise nature of 3D printing for this collection, which first came to life at the company’s Austrian headquarters. The Felix is shown here. Venetian Suites 35-112

$349 all styles | (518) 272-5500



Utility isn’t always sexy but it sure is useful. Thankfully, much of the latest crop of products function well and look good doing it.



The Fall Buying Season Heats Up at VEW


Net Gains

It’s sustainability all around for COSTA’s Optical Untangled Collection. Discarded fishing nets find new life as brow accents and temple sleeves, while recycled—and recyclable—PLUSfoam Hydrolite rubber brings true character to the temple tips. Booth #20065

$220 | (386) 274-4000


The Fall Buying Season Heats Up at VEW

Let’s Face It

Alternative Eyewear goes sleek with its latest technology-focused clip-on collection, INTERFACE. The quickly transforming design comes in nine stainless steel styles, all of which offer a secure fit and are free of reflection and ghosting. Booth #G23031

$270 | (888) 399-7742

The Fall Buying Season Heats Up at VEW


A Light Read

With increased reliance (understatement!) on smart phones and tablets throughout the day, the need for an easy-access, lightweight reader has never been stronger. The newly launched Frontpage Collection from THINOPTICS includes two full-rimmed styles, each offered in three colors, to get this job done: the Manhattan, shown, and the rectangular Brooklyn.

Contact Marci Soulakis-Orr at [email protected]

$49.98 | (844) 484-4667


The Fall Buying Season Heats Up at VEW

Live Stress-Free

The rimless, all-titanium SEEMLESS collection from Kasperek USA Optical uses a patented bonding agent to provide wearers with a more secure fusion of lens and frame. The vintage-inspired T06 offers 39 lens shapes to choose from. Booth #14111

$240 | (800) 288-2700


The Fall Buying Season Heats Up at VEW


Go from indoor to out in the blink of an eye with model EA4115, EMPORIO ARMANI’s Special Project Glasses with interchangeable lenses. Thin clip-on suns stay secure with three magnets, and those in the know can get a laugh from the EA-logo-shaped emoji hidden in the temple tip. Booth #16028

$175 | (800) 422-2020



No two patients are exactly the same; sometimes they require something special. Have no fear, there’s a tool for that.


The Fall Buying Season Heats Up at VEW


Live from Buffalo

Want a better understanding of Reichert Technologies’ PHOROPToR VRx DIGITAL REFRACTION SYSTEM before you order one? If so, check out the Phoropter VRx Virtual Live Demo Experience. Just sign up for a time that works for you, and enjoy a live, one-on-one demo via video conference at no charge. Booth #MS 9043

Free | (888) 849-8955



The Fall Buying Season Heats Up at VEW


A Smart Vision

With the CV-5000S from Topcon and M&S Technologies, displaying M&S charts on your Topcon PC-50S or existing M&S 20/20 System just got easier. No additional hardware or remote is necessary and the complete M&S Smart System charts and tests feature LEA symbols, color testing, and more. You can also export digital documentation of all test results to your EMR. Booth #MS11051

Price upon request | (800) 223-1130



The Fall Buying Season Heats Up at VEW


Cry Me a River

Help patients create real tears with the help of neurostimulation. TRUETEAR, a handheld device from Allergan, stimulates the nerves in the nasal cavity to garner a drug-free reaction from tear glands, resulting in natural tears. Booth #MS10049

$650 (per unit, up to 49 units); $595 (per unit, 50 or more units) | (866) 502-8327



The Fall Buying Season Heats Up at VEW


It’s Flex Time

The Scanmate Flex ultrasound system from DGH TECHNOLOGY —  on a desk or mounted to a wall or cart, it can be equipped with a UBM, A-scan, or B-scan probe. Booth #MS9055

Price upon request | (610) 594-9100



The Fall Buying Season Heats Up at VEW


In Training

With the EYEQ TRAINER from RightEye, patients with eye-movement issues can get targeted, at-home exercises prescribed by ODs. It offers simple exercises via a Net-enabled computer or tablet and integrates with EyeQ reports to provide customized suggestions for improvement. Booth #16064 (Within VSP Global)

Price upon request | (301) 979-7970



An educated consumer is your best customer. These are the direct-to-consumer campaigns you need to be aware of so you’re prepared when a patient comes in asking.


The Fall Buying Season Heats Up at VEW


Revenue Avenue

Looking to boost revenue? Who isn’t? The ULTIMATE OFFERfrom Essilor USA, in support of the Ultimate Lens Package, promises to do just that as it drives new patients to independent practices and increases premium lens sales. Booth #LP11065, (800) 542-5668


The Fall Buying Season Heats Up at VEW


Can’t Look Away

According to a Shire-sponsored survey, one-third of adults with self-reported chronic dry eye or dry eye symptoms report 10 or more hours a day of screen use. So, Shire launched SCREEN RESPONSIBLY, an extension of its EyeLove initiative, in partnership with Thrive Global. The campaign offers tips to help people live a screen-healthy life, and a screen personality quiz. Booth #MS12043, (800) 828-2088



The Fall Buying Season Heats Up at VEW


Eyes on the Prize

THINK ABOUT YOUR EYES (T.A.Y.E.) continues to raise awareness of the importance of eye health. As World Sight Day (Oct. 11) approaches, T.A.Y.E. will reach consumers with a radio media tour, promotion to lifestyle mtagazines, and boosted social media posts. Contact Laurel O’Connor at [email protected]



The Fall Buying Season Heats Up at VEW


Keye to the Kingdom

Johnson & Johnson Vision’s Acuvue has teamed up with professional U.S. tennis player Madison Keys to celebrate teens and all they have to offer, through the SEE IT THROUGH campaign. Global ambassador Keys will focus on goalsetting and on the ways the contact lenses have helped her up her game on the court. Booth #MS8059 | (800) 876-4596



The Fall Buying Season Heats Up at VEW


Near and Far

For its part in helping the general public up its eye-health game, Alcon has introduced the initiative SEE NEAR AND FAR. This direct-to-consumer campaign is intended to raise awareness of the need for regular eyecare visits and of multifocal contact lens options, including Dailies Total 1, shown here. Booth #MS13051 | (800) 241-5999

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