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The Liabilities of a Kids’ Area, the Benefits of Older Employees and More of Your Questions for November and December

Including overcoming AR resistance and referral reciprocity.




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I heard insurance companies raise premiums for having a kids’ play area. Is this true? If so, how can I try to keep an increase in premiums down?

Yes, most insurance companies will charge an additional premium for children’s playrooms due to the increased risk of injury as parents are often quick to sue when their children are hurt. According to insurance industry veteran Sue Fritz, the amount of the surcharge depends upon factors such as the items in the play area, the size of the area, whether it is supervised, and whether food or drinks are served. If your play area includes things like a toy box, TV and videos, books, large-sized Legos, etc., then there is a good chance they won’t add a premium. If for whatever reason you decide to install a slide or a mini trampoline that is a different matter. “Work with your agent and insurance company to design an area that meets your customers’ needs without increasing your insurance premium,” suggests Fritz. Many insurers will offer some design assistance to policyholders at no charge, whether for a playroom, remodeling project, or new construction.

Any tips to better present the benefits of anti-reflective treatments? Several times patients have complained about glare on their new glasses after dismissing the need.

Tap your vendors for demonstration aids or put together your own (a frame with one lens without and one with is all you need) and build your presentation around the obvious contrast. When the patient can see the difference, it is far easier for them to convince themselves that AR is a good idea. And if they still say no, drive the point home, by getting them to sign off that they declined AR. You could also come up with flat rate lens packages to take the question off the table entirely.

What are the pros/cons of hiring older?

Seniors are often more responsible, call in sick less, work harder, don’t get involved in office politics, and have good life skills. Yet many retailers have mixed feelings about hiring over 55. Sure, some older workers tire more quickly or may want shorter hours to protect their Social Security. Your decision should be guided by this rule of thumb: In retail, people like to do business with people who are like them. So, make sure your staff reflects your demographics.

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