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The Phoroptor Makes History and More of What You Need to Know for February

Including the ongoing increase in Glaucoma and why some suffers choose to forgo treatment.





The Phoroptor Turns 100!

The tool synonymous with eye exams is turning 100. On Jan. 10, 1922, the US Patent Office granted a registered trademark to the word Phoroptor. In 1915, Henry DeZeng introduced the Model 570 Phoro-Optometer, the foundation of 1922’s No. 584 Phoroptor, the first official Phoroptor refracting instrument. American Optical Company, predecessor of today’s Reichert Technologies, bought DeZeng Standard in 1925. The Additive Effective Power 589 Phoroptor was released in 1934, with Jackson Cross Cylinder lenses and the iconic question, “Better 1 or better 2?” Visit Reichert to learn how they will commemorate this anniversary.

Glaucoma and Red Eyes

Bausch + Lomb and the Glaucoma Research Foundation released findings on the impact hyperemia has on the lives of people with glaucoma. Dissatisfaction with side effects of treatment is among the top reasons for non-adherence, with hyperemia causing some to stop or skip medication. The survey included 101 adults who have glaucoma and experienced hyperemia. It found that few knew about hyperemia when starting treatment; 61% only became aware of it after experiencing it. Nearly half talked to their doctors about changing treatment as a result and 12 out of 101 skipped doses or stopped using Rx eye drops. 66 out of 101 reported feeling more confident when their eyes were not red. |

Glaucoma Up 2% Annually

Total prevalent cases (diagnosed and undiagnosed) of primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) are expected to rise at an annual rate of 2% from 7.3 million in 2020 to 8.84 million in 2030 in the seven major markets (7MM) — US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Japan — GlobalData said. The rise is due to an aging population, more comorbid conditions, and delayed access to health facilities. According to the report Glaucoma: Epidemiology Forecast to 2030, more than half of POAG cases remained undiagnosed in the 7MM in 2020. “The increasing number of the aging population with undiagnosed POAG suggests POAG related blindness will continue to rise,” said Bishal Bhandari, PhD at GlobalData.



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