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Having already made a name for themselves with standout eyecare and a stunning optical, this Seattle practice has plunged eyes first into aesthetic spa services.




Eyes on You, Seattle, WA

OWNER: Evie Lawson, OD; URL:; FACEBOOK:; INSTAGRAM:; FOUNDED: 2014; Opened featured location: 2023; AREA: 3,600 sq. ft.; Buildout cost: $550,000; ARCHITECT AND DESIGN FIRMS: Atelier and Drome; TOP BRANDS: Celine, l.a. Eyeworks, Feb 31st, Kirk & Kirk, Rolf, Cazal, Masahiro Maruyama, Icon (IPL),Neurolens, TempSure Envy (RF); EMPLOYEES: 4 full-time, 3 part-time

Evie Lawson, OD

Evie Lawson, OD

EYES ON YOU, Dr. Evie Lawson’s stylish, comprehensive — and as of this year, multilocation — optometry business in Seattle embodies the spirit of our America’s Finest competition in its constant striving to improve and find ever more creative ways to serve its patients. Weathering the many challenges thrown at them by the pandemic, Lawson and her team have not only survived but thrived, moving their downtown office across the street early last year and using the new location to step into a whole new arena, exploring cutting edge technologies like Neurolens, as well as RF (radio frequency) and IPL (intense pulse light) machines to treat patients’ dry eye, inflammation, demodex, ocular rosacea and many other conditions. Not content to rest on these formidable laurels, they also took over the operations of a second location in the city’s Eastlake neighborhood in April.

Most excitingly, Eyes on You recently began offering a full range of spa services at the downtown office. According to Lawson, given that the newly added equipment has its origins in technology made for aesthetics, “It just made sense that by having a master aesthetician on staff to perform RF and IPL that we would offer an extension of her services and give people added options. We also are then able to give education on eye-safe aesthetics, skincare, and make-up practices to help our client base stay youthful and healthy.” (They now have two master aestheticians on staff.)


The addition of spa services inspired a reimagining of the office’s interiors. “We’ve taken the opportunity to transport clients back in time to the art deco era and made the space feel luxurious,” says Lawson, adding that the business now has three distinct spaces that clients can explore: The first is an “optical space” divided into two sections by a mirrored wall. In front of the feature wall is a frame bar where clients can be seated and try on high end eyewear, and behind it are three exam rooms.

The second is a day spa comprising two separate spa suites. “In the edgy and protective cocoon of our first spa room we deliver the high-end and cutting-edge technology of RF and IPL to combat dry eye and other eye conditions,” says Lawson, “and in the second suite we envelop clients in warmth, comfort, and softness where they can explore our full range of spa services that are available with our master aesthetician/RN on staff. We also now have an eye-safe skincare line to help patients in their search for medical grade skincare that keeps their eyes — and skin — healthy and well.”

This Seattle Optometry Business Took the Plunge and Added Aesthetic Spa Services

The interior decor was all done by Dr. Lawson with ‘frequent runs to antique shops, Amazon marathons, and Pinterest inspo!’.

The third space, dubbed the Sun Room, houses an exclusive collection of the finest sunglasses, “so our clients can have fun in the warmth of the sun, looking and feeling their best.”

Marketing of the spa and specialty services is done through social media and word of mouth, and the practice has been featured in a number of local television segments and digital marketing and email campaigns. When it comes to Eyes on You’s elegant online presence, she adds, “All that we do online happens in-house.” The focus is on authentic imagery, humor, patient education, and engagement.


An in-house lab complements the office’s efficient workflow, which is built around a highly choreographed sequence of patient hand-offs. The practice’s current top frame lines are Blake Kuwahara, Bevel, Celine, and Dita, with Shamir and Neurolens getting shoutouts among lens brands, and Alcon and B&L the stars among contact lenses. “Weave has been very useful and Crystal EHR has had a lot of advancements,” says Lawson.

In the management arena, Lawson sets aside one-half day each week for staff training, relationship building and bringing the team on board to help with business development. Among many other activities, they have begun playing the optometry version of The Great Game of Business.

This Seattle Optometry Business Took the Plunge and Added Aesthetic Spa Services

The practice continues to give back to the community by supporting local schools and youth sports teams and running an annual Christmas campaign to support local women/children’s shelter Childhaven, among many other initiatives.

“Change can be big and scary,” admits Lawson. “Ask us about how many sleepless nights we’ve had tossing and turning!” Ultimately, she says, “Community and friendships are what end up outlasting everything else in this world.” With that as a foundation, she says, each workday is “extra special, because we all get to work with people we adore, our chosen family.”

Five Cool Things About Eyes on You

1. ANTIQUE AMBIANCE. The interior decor in the downtown office was all done by Dr. Lawson with “frequent runs to antique shops, Amazon marathons, and Pinterest inspo!”

2. PUPPY PIT STOP. The team knows all the dogs that walk by the office every day. Often, they will pop in — treats await them at the front desk.

This Seattle Optometry Business Took the Plunge and Added Aesthetic Spa Services

3. ELEGANT BREW. All clients are offered a fine selection of tea and coffee, presented in a gorgeous art deco service set.

4. LOCAL STYLE. Eyes on You participates in community fashion look books featuring locally made fashion and small-business retailers.

5. CLOSE-KNIT. Most of the staff are also close friends and hang out outside of work, vacationing and raising their kids together.


  • This practice ties it all together perfectly to provide an elevated patient experience. — David Duralde, Chief Creative Officer, OGI Eyewear, Minneapolis, MN
  • Eyes on You delights patients with three spaces to enjoy; from the optical to the Sun Room, the WOW factor is present throughout. — Jenn Denham, Head of Business Development, Review Wave, McKinney, TX
  • The industry moved from jewelry stores to practices in the last century and now this practice is moving from a practice focused on eyewear to future spa treatments. This is not the typical “stay focused” on your core business and requires risk taking. Nothing ever changes without risk. – Jan Ennis, President/CEO, Ennco Display Systems, Redmond, WA
  • The Sun Room is so fun! Clever name and great execution. – Paige Kraemer, ABOC, Sales Consultant – Minnesota, Cherry Optical Lab, Green Bay, WI


Fine Story

Eyes on You stopped taking a major insurance provider immediately after the pandemic. It was a huge risk — about 70% of patients were covered under that provider — but Lawson felt her hands were tied when it came to patient care and quality of goods and services. Regrets? None. “Most of our patients are still with us, even though now they self-submit insurance. Operationally, we get to give our patients the quality and time they deserve, which is huge in a world that seems to focus more and more on the bottom line than the patient experience.”


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