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Tip Sheet: November-December 2014




This article originally appeared in the Nov-Dec 2014 edition of INVISION.

license plates for eye doctors

Show Your Vanity (Plate)

Tip Sheet: November-December 2014One easy way to tell the world what you do is with a vanity license plate. Don’t be shy: 9.7 million other American cars have them. Go basic like EYE DR or I DOC, or take it a little further like EYECU or CME2C or 2020 VSN, or even shoot for something more personal like IONO1 (perfect for when you’ve finally finished paying off your student loans) or a brain-twister like I RIGHT I. (Can’t figure it out? See the answer at the bottom right of this page.)


Spruce Up the Loo

Tip Sheet: November-December 2014 When the holidays are at their most hectic, a bathroom can offer a welcome refuge. Get your restroom in the holiday mood with a few extra touches, such as a portable lamp with a colored shade, holiday towels and a scented candle, says Rick Wiedemer, president of Hinkley Lighting. “That’s all it takes to create an elegant ambiance. Your guests will surely appreciate the extra effort,” he says.

buying sunwear in the winter

Prep For Winter

Tip Sheet: November-December 2014 The snows of winter bring drastic glares from all angles. It’s critical your patients are protected. So make sure your staff talks with everyone about the benefits of sunwear during the winter. And be sure your dispensary is stocked with polarized and non-polarized sunwear (the latter for pilots and others who need to read LCD instrumental panels).

Eyes Wide Open

Tip Sheet: November-December 2014 If you take a group photo of five people or more, it’s almost guaranteed that one or more of them will have their eyes shut, ruining the shot. So next time you’re snapping customers at a store event, framing a shot of your staff or taking family pix, start by telling everyone to close their eyes, says Scott Kelby, author of Digital Photography. On the count of three, have them all open their eyes and smile. Wait one more count and then take your shot. So, it’s “3-2-1. Smile!” Wait. Shoot! Success.

Lunch Roulette

Tip Sheet: November-December 2014 If you have a fairly large staff that doesn’t always seem to communicate as well as it could, try “lunch roulette” — a game developed by pharmaceuticals manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim. Participants select dates when they are free for lunch, then they click a “Match Me” button, and a lunch date and calendar reminder are emailed to them. (Numbers in a hat would work just as well.) After that, all they need to do is show up with an open mind. “Lunch roulette not only produces unexpected pairings but often sparks unexpected conversations,” says Sylvia Ann Hewlett, who reported on the idea in Harvard Business Review.


Sneak an Ad

Tip Sheet: November-December 2014 If your free wi-fi network isn’t already called “acme-eyecare-offers-back-to-school-eye-exams” or “best-optical-frame-selection-at-acme-eyecare,” it ought to be.

ideas for hiring eyecare employees

Collect Cool Customers

Tip Sheet: November-December 2014 When you pass somebody on the street who has cool eyewear, don’t just admire them from afar. Instead, start thinking of them as your potential future high-end customer. Hand them a card like this sample from Dapperism that reads: “I love your glasses!” On reverse side, it could say something like, “Clearly, you’re a person who cares deeply about eyewear. We do, too! Come to Acme Eyewear to talk all things spectacle-ular and see the area’s best selection of designer frames.” Add address, phone and special offer as necessary.

license plate extra one



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