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To Travel or Not To Travel?

Most people still seem on the fence about VEE and I really have enjoyed the slower pace. Is this my new normal?




SO, YOU GUYS traveling yet? More specifically, are you traveling to Vision Expo East? It’s a question that has become standard in all my work communications. Most people I have spoken to are still on the fence. Granted, it was mid-April when this issue went to press, but for all intents and purposes, VEE is right around the corner. In fact, given that this is our show issue, you may literally have this issue in your hands at the show as you read this note.

I will be honest. I’m conflicted. Yeah, the whole “there is still a pandemic raging out of control” is a concern, but it has so many more layers to it than that. I am fully vaccinated and still wear a mask out, but I’ve become accustomed to sticking closer to home since COVID.


Not to mention, I backfilled all my travel time over the last 15 months with other work, so adding travel back in just means more work; not getting rid of the work I backfilled it with. And that just seems like it’s going to be exhausting.

So maybe I just become choosier with the trips I do take then … but once you agree to that first trip, you can’t just use COVID as an excuse to get out of future trips. And I would never tell someone that their event just doesn’t make the cut. It sort of feels like in for a penny, in for a pound.

Welcome to the dark place that is my mind.

If I am 100% transparent, I have enjoyed the slower pace … even if I am tired of my own company.

Is this my new normal?

In short, if you are attending VEE and see me wandering around — if you can even recognize me with my mask and added COVID fluff — you’ll know where I settled on the matter. And if you are there, I do hope you’ll check out the products in our VEE Buying Guide on page 30 … assuming all those vendors are also in attendance. If you aren’t going, if the vendors you’re interested in seeing aren’t going, fret not. If COVID taught us nothing else, it’s how to stay connected from afar.

Best wishes for your business,

Let Me Introduce You To Pee Theory

Let Me Introduce You To Pee Theory

Let Me Introduce You To Pee Theory

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