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Transitions Lenses Help Protect Eyes from Harmful Blue Light





(Press Release)
ORLANDO, FL – With discussion of the dangers of harmful blue light at the public forefront due to the increased use of digital devices, Transitions Optical Inc. has developed educational materials to equip eyecare professionals with the knowledge they need to understand how Transitions lenses can provide a measure of protection both indoors and out.

“Often associated exclusively with electronic devices and screens, what most people don’t realize is that the sun is the single largest source of blue light, scattering it through the atmosphere and emitting over 100 times the intensity of electronic devices and screens,” says John Ligas, vice president, R&D, Transitions Optical. “In fact, depending on the time of day, a majority of outdoor visible light you receive is blue light, which explains why the sky itself is blue.”

All Transitions lenses help protect against blue light under any and all conditions. Indoors, Transitions lens products safeguard eyes against harmful blue light emitted by artificial sources like digital devices and LED lights, while outdoors they help provide extra protection from the sun by shielding eyes from glare, intense harmful blue light and UV rays. Ligas adds, “Transitions lenses darken outdoors when you need more protection to keep the harmful light out, thus helping to provide optimal protection and superior health benefits.”

Transitions Signature VII lenses block at least 20 percent of the harmful blue light indoors, which is up to two times more than standard clear lenses,* and they block over 85 percent outdoors. Transitions XTRActive lenses offer added effectiveness – they provide extra protection against blue light everywhere by blocking at least 34 percent* of the harmful blue light indoors and 88 percent to 95 percent of harmful blue light outdoors. Transitions Vantage lenses also block at least 34 percent of the harmful blue light indoors and more than 85 percent outdoors.

Ligas points out this feature isn’t new to his company’s products. "Transitions lenses have always blocked a percentage of blue light indoors because the photochromic molecules in the un-activated indoor state still absorb some light without compromising indoor vision clarity. Because we can control the structure of the photochromic molecules, we can, in turn, provide the benefit of blue light blocking while the lenses are still seen as clear.”


Educational Information

To provide eyecare professionals with the knowledge they need, Transitions Optical has created an educational training video, which summarizes blue light technology and how Transitions lenses can help. The video is available to view on the Transitions Lenses: Healthy Sight Professionals Facebook page.

New blue light educational resources will be released throughout 2016.



Introducing Crizal® Rock™

Did you know three out of four people wipe their lenses on their clothes?* Or that one out of three people accidentally drop their glasses at least once a week?* It's no surprise, then, that 93 percent of wearers consider scratch-resistance an important characteristic when choosing lenses.* To prove the durability of new Crizal Rock lenses, we ran tests inspired by real life situations. To learn more about new Crizal Rock, the most scratch-resistant Crizal No-Glare lenses ever made, visit EssilorPRO.com/Crizal-Rock. *Study conducted by ⒸIpsos - Risky behaviors of eyeglass wearers - consumer quantitative research 2019 - declarative results - USA - n= 2345 eyeglass wearers

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