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Visible Genomics Announces Four New Appointments to Board of Clinical Advisors

It has appointed Dr. Barry Eiden, Dr. Steven Ferrucci, Dr. Alan Glazier, and Dr. Treacy Adamo.




Visible Genomics Board of Clinical Advisors

Dr. Barry Eiden, Dr. Steven Ferrucci, Dr. Alan Glazier, and Dr. Treacy Adamo

(PRESS RELEASE) CHICAGO, IL — Visible Genomics, a Chicago-area genetics testing company and founders of a non-invasive genetic eye test that determines a patient’s likelihood of contracting Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), announced that it has appointed Dr. Barry Eiden, Dr. Steven Ferrucci, Dr. Alan Glazier, and Dr. Treacy Adamo to its board of clinical advisors.

“We are pleased to welcome Barry, Steve, Alan, and Treacy as our new independent team of clinical advisors to the Visible Genomics board, and we especially value their range of medical optometry research and experience,” said Frank Adamo, founder and CEO of Visible Genomics. “They join Visible Genomics at an exciting time as we launch a non-invasive genetic eye test for AMD. Our new board will be instrumental in building deeper relationships with doctors as well as patients, fulfilling our purpose of helping people keep their vision healthy.”

The Visible Genomics board had recently evaluated its composition to ensure it includes the appropriate skills, experience, and perspective necessary to drive growth for its new product and services.

“I appreciate Visible Genomics’ collaborative approach and I believe the new appointments will be a significant asset to the company,” said Dr. Barry Eiden who uses the Visible Genomics testing system in his own practice, adding, “The results provided with earlier intervention of testing for AMD lead to a better prognosis and outcome. We’re now able to create a personalized patient management plan, and take the proper steps by delaying disease onset or slowing disease progression.”

Chief of Optometry at the Sepulveda VA Ambulatory Care Center, Dr. Steven Ferrucci remarked that “By knowing a patient’s genetic risk for advancing AMD, the doctor can better educate the patient and individualize a treatment plan for that specific patient.”


Traditionally, patients who were at risk of developing AMD or progressing to advanced stages of AMD have had no advance awareness of its probability and were diagnosed only after severe symptoms had surfaced. Visible Genomics created the genetic assessment test specifically for AMD to help doctors and their patients take preventative and proactive care of their vision. The clinically-validated saliva-based test combines a person’s genetic status, ocular findings, and demographic and lifestyle characteristics to deliver a comprehensive and clinically actionable risk assessment. This assessment determines the AMD patient’s progression risk of developing advanced AMD, and predicts the lifetime risk for those with a family member with AMD.

For more information visit Visible Genomics or call 855-MYEYES7 (855-693-9377).



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