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VSP Optics Introduces Unity Via OfficePro Lenses




(PRESS RELEASE) RANCHO CORDOVA, CA – VSP Optics announced the expansion of the Unity Via lens portfolio with the introduction of Unity Via OfficePro. Optimized for the everyday office work environment, Unity Via OfficePro utilizes the same advanced technology at the core of Unity Via Progressive Lenses, offering a lens that is easy to fit, customize, and dispense, and provides effortless vision in the workplace. 

Unity Via OfficePro automatically calculates the near and intermediate zones. It’s available in two working distances, 5-feet and 10-feet to meet every patient’s needs. 

“We’ve taken the same technology that patients and doctors have come to love about Unity Via Progressive Lenses, and put it into a task-oriented lens that benefits eye care professionals and patients alike,” said Randy Dannewitz, senior vice president of strategic development for VSP Optics. 

The lens design features maximized intermediate and near zones, making Unity Via OfficePro suitable for activities like computer work, reading, writing, and meetings. In addition to improved visual performance, it also helps alleviate eye strain, improves ergonomic comfort, improves clarity on digital displays, and offers ultra-fast adaptation for wearers. 

“We’re focused on using advanced technology to deliver superior-performing products that are easy for eye care professionals,” said Dannewitz. “Unity Via OfficePro is our latest example of that commitment.” 

Unity Via OfficePro is now available to order. Learn more at: 


VSP Optics Introduces Unity Via OfficePro Lenses






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