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Welcome to the Genius Lounge and More Tips for January

Because your very best ideas are likely to happen outside the office.




Welcome to the Genius Lounge and More Tips for January


Be European, Get Away

Few great ideas happen in the office. In recognition of that and the benefits of a good work/life balance, Capitol Hill Vision, Seattle, WA, builds out-of-office time into every week. “Being out of the office one day in midweek: It is good for peace of mind. Maybe a little something from the French!” says owner Brett D. Llewellyn, OD.


Resolve to Not Improve

For 2018, try a twist on your usual New Year resolution: Vow to stop doing something that would make you a better person but that, if you’re honest, you don’t have time for. “Most of us proceed as if getting everything done might be feasible,” says Guardian columnist Oliver Burkeman. It isn’t; get strategic about what you abandon. “It’s the only way to do other things well.”


Take a Walk

Some of Steve Jobs’ inner circle thought his penchant for taking long “brainstorming” walks eccentric. But neuroscience research proves Jobs was on to something.Breakthrough ideas occur when the brain switches modes — from its task-oriented “executive network” to a creative “default network,” or what some researchers refer to as the “genius lounge.” The two work together: the executive network sets goals and identifies a problem while the default network comes up with solutions, although it does so in a meandering, free-ranging way. And taking a walk is the best way to trigger cooperation between the two modes, say Olivia Fox Cabana and Judah Pollack in their book The Net and the Butterfly: The Art And Practice of Breakthrough Thinking.



Go for Quarters

Consultants Brian Moran and Michael Lennington aren’t big believers in the value of a year, at least when it comes to setting goals. They advocate dividing your year into quarters, and to think of each as a stand-alone “year” — a stretch long enough to make significant progress on a few fronts, yet short enough to stay focused.


Print a Flyer

There’s always a lot happening at optometric practices. Let your patients know on a scheduled basis. Ronald Yancey OD, owner of Yancey Eye Center in Vidalia, GA, does that with a two-page flyer that he prepares on a quarterly basis and hands out to patients or customers as they enter his office. (Dr. Yancey also copyrighted the idea, so use for inspiration only!)


Mix and Stir

Are you a member of your local chamber of commerce? Consider hosting a mixer. You’ll get a chance to show off your technology, engage on a new level with the community and provide staff with something different to look forward to. Remember, sharing photos across social networks (tagging your fellow local business owners!) has become a key part of such events.



Text Photos

Text messaging repair updates have a host of advantages over the humble phone call — no need for repeated calls, and you can illustrate the progress with a photo.



The Best Overall Progressive Lens, Now Powered by AI

Engineered with Behavioral Artificial Intelligence and utilizing new XR-motion™ technology, Varilux XR series goes beyond prescription and eye physiology to consider the patient’s visual behavior and design a progressive lens that respects how
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Varilux XR series comes in two versions, Varilux® XR design and Varilux® XR track. The Varilux XR track lens provides an additional level of personalization by incorporating the exclusive Near Vision Behavior Measurement, providing up to 25% more near vision width3 according to the patient’s need, so patients get the highest level of customization.

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