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We’re Living Inertia and It Is Time to Embrace an Outside Force

Because though inertia is comfortable, it is unproductive and ultimately unfulfilling.




THE CONCEPT OF a summer slowdown is hardly new. I think we’re all used to downshifting when the mercury rises after a hectic winter and a full speed spring.

But for the last year life has felt more like limbo than momentum and it’s probably not a great idea to embrace slowing down even more right now. Sure, we’ve stayed busy — busier even — but not with the productivity we’re used to.

We’ve been treading water. It’s been a doggie paddle, not a breast stroke.

Thanks to Newton, we know an object in motion, stays in motion … and an object at rest, stays at rest. But we’ve been exerting all this energy just to stay in place. We’ve all lost a year. We moved through it, but we didn’t progress. We’re living inertia. If you’re familiar with the rest of Newton’s theory, then you know that motion or rest only lasts until the object is acted upon by an outside force. So, what’s your outside force? What’s going to jolt you out of your inertia?


It’s a question I’ve been struggling with … honestly, it’s less the what to do and more the actual doing. Inertia is comfortable, if ultimately unfulfilling. But it’s time to embrace an outside force.

Personally, I’m renewing my commitment to my Peloton to lose that COVID-20 and jump start some serotonin. Professionally, INVISION is tackling our first live event — EyeInnovate — in the fall. And we’re going big. Two days full of business growth content you can’t get anywhere else.

Need ideas? How about growing your business by appealing to kids? We’ve got you covered with our Big Story — Do You Speak Kid? . How about a lighting revamp or an inspirational story about Fairfield County’s first Black female licensed optician opening Connecticut’s first Black-owned optical … during a pandemic no less?

It’s time to move our bodies and get those endorphins flowing. Move our minds and learn a new skill. And move our businesses forward by trying something new. Hell, move the furniture around if you can’t think of any place else to start. Just do something.

This summer we’re not slowing down, we’re ramping back up!

Best wishes for your business,

We’re Living Inertia and It Is Time to Embrace an Outside Force

We’re Living Inertia and It Is Time to Embrace an Outside Force

We’re Living Inertia and It Is Time to Embrace an Outside Force

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  4. Photographing your own product isn’t that hard and it’s the only way to ensure original content. That’s why 63% of you already do it. (Do You or Don’t You, page 67)
  5. We’re unveiling our last America’s Finest of the 2020 contest in this issue. Check it out before next month’s big reveal of the 2021 winners. (America’s Finest, page 70)

Having built a career in service journalism, Dee has been covering the eyecare industry for over a decade. As editor-in-chief of INVISION Magazine, she is passionate about telling independent ECPs stories and can be reached directly at [email protected]


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