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What’s the Worst That Could Happen by Believing You Deserve Good Things?

Maybe you’ll get everything you want, lucky girl.




ARE YOU A “Lucky Girl?” “Lucky Girl Syndrome” is the latest viral Tik Tok sensation and the newest iteration of the visualization, mood boarding, manifestation and The Secret trends before it. It’s a term that simply refers to the idea that if you believe you’re lucky, good things will come to you… and no, you don’t have to be a girl to participate.

Luck — and the receiving of blessings — is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. I’ve been having a run of it and good things have been happening. While I am immensely grateful, I wonder at the boon, and its timing. There is a sense that I was “due” for it, a sort of internal belief that now is my time and I am trying to capitalize on it. That’s probably why the concept of Lucky Girl Syndrome appeals to me so much. Believe you deserve good things and good things happen.


I think the trick is backing up the belief with effort; you have to support the good things coming your way with hard work. Which I try to remind myself of regularly and the six ECPs we spoke to for our Big Story on the business of myopia management likely know something about. It is a growing specialty that requires little in the way of additional equipment, training or space, but has the potential of big payoffs if you commit. To learn more, check out their stories and suggestions starting on page 34 and see if a little of their luck could rub off on you.

Of course, believing in luck is divisive — we did a whole Big Story on the topic in our January issue ( — but at the end of the day believing in it is harmless. What’s the worst that can happen by believing you deserve good things and that they will come to you? What’s the best? Maybe things will go exactly how you planned. Maybe you’ll get everything you want. Maybe it will even be better than your wildest dreams.

Best wishes for your business,

Power Yogaing My Way to Metamorphosis

Power Yogaing My Way to Metamorphosis

Power Yogaing My Way to Metamorphosis

Five Smart Tips From This Issue

  1. We mention Tik Tok next door … If you’re not familiar, do something to shake up your routine and try a different social media platform. (Calendar, page 24)
  2. Effective myopia management is a very customized experience. Know the latest tools to add to your arsenal. (Better Vision, page 32)
  3. Low effort/high impact is our life’s mission, so when we hear about a successful initiative we have to share. (Buzz Session, page 52)
  4. Looking for some back-to-school campaign inspo? We’ve got five sure bets. (Columns, page 49)
  5. Non-compliant patients are a drag. Non-compliant parents are heartbreaking. Read how some ECPs handle it and contemplate how you would too. (Real Deal, page 54)



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