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Why Wouldn’t Your Patients Want All the Added Benefits of the Latest AR Coatings?

Offering better vision, better cleanability, and better quality — not to mention reduced glare and scratch resistance — they’re a no-brainer.




ANTI-REFLECTIVE (AR) coatings are made up of multiple layers of metal oxides that reduce and eliminate reflection from the front and rear surfaces of ophthalmic lenses, says Kelley Plats, Technical Sales Coordinator at North American Coating Laboratories (NACL). “This allows more light to pass through the lens, improving the vision of the wearer as well as decreasing the glare you see in photos,” she adds. NACL’s Opticlear AR coating for ophthalmic lenses not only improves vision; it’s also easy to clean and scratch resistant. Benefits like hydrophobic resistance are generally the main reasons patients might choose AR coatings, while they also help to reduce eyestrain and improve vision.

Why Wouldn’t Your Patients Want All the Added Benefits of the Latest AR Coatings?

Carl Zeiss Vision

ZEISS DuraVision Platinum UV anti-reflective coating can be added to the front and back of the lens for higher transparency.

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HOYA Vision Care  Super HiVision EX3

HOYA Vision Care

Super HiVision EX3+ is an anti-reflective treatment with scratch resistance that’s easy to clean.

Shamir Glacier Expression


Shamir Glacier Expression is a powerful anti-reflective coating.

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Why Wouldn’t Your Patients Want All the Added Benefits of the Latest AR Coatings?

VSP Optics

TechShield Anti-Reflective Coatings offer patients greater clarity, scratch resistance, smudge resistance, and cleanability.

Why Wouldn’t Your Patients Want All the Added Benefits of the Latest AR Coatings?


Crizal Sapphire is Essilor’s latest and most advanced anti-reflection innovation in the Crizal No-Glare range.

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Smart Ways to Sell AR Coatings

Joseph Nguyen, ODEyecare Leaders, Houston, Fuqua, and Pearland, TX

Why Wouldn’t Your Patients Want All the Added Benefits of the Latest AR Coatings?

AR technology is better than it’s ever been. Lenses are clearer and more resistant to scratches or smears. For a person wearing AR coatings, there’s a clarity that allows them to see through the lens with no distortion. In fact, there can be an increase in nearsightedness if patients don’t have any AR coating on their lenses at all. I like ZEISS technology. I put their AR DuraVision Platinum coating on all my patients’ lenses regardless of age. It also offers blue light protection. My patients respond very well to AR coatings, despite the extra cost. After we complete an eye exam, I show them a ZEISS sample lens with AR coating and a lens without. They can see that the coated lens is much clearer. I also tell them it’s good for night vision and can reduce glare in photos too. Once my patients see the benefits of AR coatings, they recommend them to their family members.

Jennifer Wademan, OD Bidwell Optometry, Folsom, CA

Why Wouldn’t Your Patients Want All the Added Benefits of the Latest AR Coatings?

We steer the conversation to AR coatings in the exam room. I tell patients that I wouldn’t wear glasses without an AR treatment because they provide better vision, look better on the lens, and allow people to see your eyes. After the exam, our opticians talk to them in greater detail about cleanability, durability, scratch resistance, and warranties. Cleanability is a big deal, and it’s important to point out that new AR coatings are smudge-proof too. Our favorite is VSP’s TechShield Elite which looks good, is great quality, and cleanable. They also provide TechShield Blue which is an AR coating with a blue light filtering capability that can be a great enhancement to computer progressives or task specific lenses. Patients don’t mind paying more if they know they’re getting better quality.


Carol Gilhawley is a contributing writer for INVISION.


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