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X-Cel Honors ECP’s with New ‘Choose Your Heroes’ Program

There’s no better time than now to honor the ECP’s we serve every single day.




(PRESS RELEASE) DULUTH, GA – X-Cel Specialty Contacts has been dedicated to providing specialty contact lens support to eye care practices and their patients for 45 years and understands practitioners are working in a challenging new environment, both financially and physically. It believes this is the time to pay honor to your heroes, frontline workers, essential workers, and others who deserve praise and appreciation.

“As a specialty contact lens manufacturer, we see day in and day out the impact eye care professionals, have on their patients. They make it their life’s work to change the lives of patients through healthy vision,” said Derrell James, vice president and general manager of X-Cel. “However, their role as a healthcare worker does not end there and that does not go unnoticed. They are more than that. Eye doctors detect disease and other health problems that have been missed; they hold the hands of troubled patients, hug and reassure young patients, listen to problems, and so much more. They not only change lives, but they save lives.”

And that is why X-Cel launched the Choose Your Heroes program. They have chosen eye care professionals as their heroes and want to give back and say thank you. Now through July 31, 2020, X-Cel is giving practitioners the opportunity to honor the medical workers, first responders, police, fire, teachers, and military that walk through their practice doors, by giving 50% off their specialty contact lenses that are manufactured and purchased direct from X-Cel.

“There’s no better time than now to honor the ECP’s we serve every single day, said Kim Boles, marketing manager of X-Cel. “If we can make their lives just a little easier and give back, we will. It’s our turn to say thank you to them; they are our heroes”.

For more information on the Choose Your Heroes program visit or call 800.241.9312.




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