Kind words from longtime friends…
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Your Letters to the Editor For June 2024

Kind words from longtime friends…




  • From the first edition of INVISION, I knew that this was “not your mama’s magazine.” It was very informative, but in a cool, slightly funky way with colorful graphics which made it fun to read. As an INVISION columnist, I was allowed fun freedoms, writing about everything from playing “air saxophone” to spider webs and superheroes. I am thrilled to see that INVISION has stayed true to its brand for the past 10 years and am honored to be a part of its journey. — Rebecca Johnson, Eyefinity (retired), columnist, 2013-2017
  • We loved being recognized in America’s Finest way back in 2016! Not much happens in our little corner of “nowhere Illinois” and we had so much fun with the recognition. I’ve always loved seeing the independents/innovators/glass ceiling busters awarded over the years who are passionate about the optical industry and excel at what they do! I was featured in Sanity Files (Oct. 2017) and that’s always a light, fun page. INVISION is an easy read with chunks of fashion, medical and business savvy in each issue. It’s a quality magazine and I love the “10” in the INVIS10N cover this year. I always take an issue or two with me when traveling. Books put me to sleep but not INVIS10N! — Julie Kubsch, Specs Around Town, reader, featured in BENCHMARKS, Jan/Feb. 2014
  • When the magazine was just an idea, I was contacted at and I had the pleasure of contributing to the first issue. The assignments were always original, and I loved how much energy went into creating a new type of magazine for the U.S. market dedicated to ECPs and everything they do. Today — with Dee in charge — the magazine has gone from strength to strength, offering huge breadth of ever important practical recommendations and tips for ECPs … always with in its own engaging, down-to-earth style with an emphasis on the day-to-day challenges of running an optical business! — Clodagh Norton,, contributing writer, 2013-2015
  • INVISION is the most interactive of the publications I read each month. It’s actually the first one I go to and look forward to the most. The readers seem to be the focus and I think it does a great job highlighting and being a resource of/for the independent optician. — Jordan Flitter, Paris West Optical, reader, featured in BEGINNINGS, Jan/Feb. 2014
  • What INVISION does better than any other trade journal is that they’ve created a culture, within the optical biz, of inclusivity, by approaching ECPs around the country to contribute their thoughts via their Brain Squad. Just brilliant! Everyone gets to contribute and move the profession and the industry forward. For 10 years, they’ve created a close-knit community with cutting edge articles and a penchant for consistently pushing the envelope! Congratulations on an impactful 10 years INVISION! — Robert Bell, The Eye Coach, columnist, 2013-2023
  • I remember the first few issues. I thought the visual style was interesting and engaging. The articles were good, so I stuck around and kept reading. Today, it’s a magazine I look forward to flipping through. It has become a rallying post. Ideas get batted around and I see the industry engaging in the discussions. Sometimes directly, sometimes more oblique, but the source seems to trace back to INVISION again and again. It challenges sacred cows. It opens space for professionals to look at the how and why of the profession and question its place going forward. The magazine seems to be in its stride now; keep up the good work! — Kevin Count, Corner Optical, reader, featured in HOT SELLERS, Jan/Feb. 2014
  • As someone who has read every issue produced in the past 10 years, there is no question that INVISION has had a lasting impact on the profession of private practice optometry. Early on it was evident that INVISION is a publication for the entrepreneur optometrist. With timely and important stories about the successes and challenges of private practice to practical advice and resources for the small business optometrist. It also broke the design mold of eyecare industry publications with fun and exciting graphics, high quality production and the right balance between practice management and fashion. I tell everyone I meet about the publication and everyone is equally impressed. Great job and here’s to another successful 10 years. — John D. Marvin, Texas State Optical, columnist, 2014-present
  • I remember devouring issue #1! INVISION felt like the first ECP publication with PERSONALITY. Every issue since then has been jam-packed not only with practice management pearls, but community building. I love that members of our profession get the rockstar treatment in a glossy magazine!  — Natalie Taylor, Artisan Eyewear, Real Deal writer, 2014-2021


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