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Your Letters to the Editor for November-December

“Love the Hot Sellers area…”




  • I love your magazine. I look forward to reading it each month, sometimes referring back to past issues for guidance. I would love to see an article that follows the process of making a frame, from concept to the finished product. The same goes for lens fabricating. I truly believe the optical community would find it useful and interesting. Perhaps someone could sponsor the content. — Mitchell Kaufman, Marine Park Family Vision, Brooklyn, NY

EDITOR’S NOTE: Love the idea! Any companies out there want to sponsor this sort of content? Drop us a line at

  • Congratulations and bravo to all of the winners of America’s Finest Optical. The features are amazing and always pick up some great ideas. — Verbelee Nielsen-Swanson, Oxford Eyes, Orlando, FL
  • Love the Hot Sellers area … might have some options to contribute from Res/Rei, Bevel, Todd Rogers, etc. — Tricia Jones, Bayview Optometrics, Mashpee, MA

EDITOR’S NOTE: We love to see it Tricia! Be sure to join our Brain Squad – – where we ask what’s selling well for you every month!

  • Independent practices, guard your database. That is all your patients. So many outside influences are trying hard to capture your patients to send them elsewhere for their needs. Or they are not 100% supportive of keeping your patients buying from you because they don’t care where the patient gets their products. Trust and align with those that support your independence and want to keep your patients buying from you. — Chris Dudley, Independent Optician, Central Florida
  • The optical industry needs more casual meetups in my opinion. I believe every state should have an annual optical mixer. I think that would be fun, educational, and would strengthen the bonds between small businesses and larger ones. — Bret Hunter, Sports Optical, Denver, CO

EDITOR’S NOTE: Um, EyeInnovate.

  • I think we all just need to get along more. Practice to practice, person to person, doctor to staff, staff to patient. Everyone just needs to step back, take a breath, and keep calm. — Justin Tenczar, Berkshire Eye Center, Pittsfield, MA

EDITOR’S NOTE: Amen, Justin! Here’s to a nicer 2022!


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