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It’s Revolutionary: ZEISS ClearView Finished Single Vision Lenses

See how ZEISS ClearView Technology is transforming the standard single vision lens market.

ZEISS ClearView lenses are a breakthrough in design, offering on average a three times larger zone* of excellent clear vision and more clarity from the lens center to the periphery than standard single vision lenses. ZEISS ClearView lenses are also significantly flatter and thinner, improving overall aesthetics. An industry first, the lenses are the result of a sophisticated seven-step manufacturing process called Zeiss ClearForm Technology. Watch the video to see how ZEISS ClearView lenses, up to 16% thinner and up to 49% flatter than traditional stock lenses, will benefit both eyecare professionals and their patients.

Available as surfaced and stock lenses in single vision 1.60, 1.67 and 1.74, ZEISS ClearView lenses in 1.50 and polycarbonate will be available in Summer 2023.

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*ZEISS ClearView FSV Lenses vs. to ZEISS SPH FSV Lenses
-5D, -3D, -1D, +1D, +3D, +5D with and without Cyl -2D in 1.60


ZEISS ClearView Finished Single Vision Lenses — A Breakthrough in Optics and Aesthetics