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Last year, Bollé introduced its most advanced photochromic lens technology, Phantom. The impressive performance of the NXT® lens quickly became a favorite among professional athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, placing the lens in a leading market position. This year, the brand introduces Phantom+ which offers an added weapon to Phantom’s arsenal: polarization. Today, polarized lenses are largely recognized for their benefit in terms of blocking parasitic light reflections. With this additional feature, Phantom+ brings Bollé’s lens technology to yet another level.

Benefits of Phantom+ Lenses

Made with NXT® material, Phantom lenses raise the optical clarity to a new level. This lens material is lightweight, impact resistant, chemical resistant and offers 100% UV protection making it the perfect choice for sports.

The Photochromic technology adapts to any light condition ensuring precise optical acuity whatever the light conditions.

The addition of a high contrast filter boosts colors significantly thereby enhancing vision so you can see contrast in your path and avoid obstacles where necessary Polarization is an added benefit to filter out 98% of sunlight reflections and glare that cause discomfort and eye fatigue.

Because everyone’s vision is unique, our NXT®lenses are available with Bollé’s B-Thin Technology, suitable for 99% of prescriptions.