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Elevating Sales Teams: Transforming Salespeople into Business Consultants

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, sales have evolved beyond the traditional transactional model. Today, successful selling is not just about pushing products or services onto customers but understanding their needs deeply and providing tailored solutions. In this digital age, where information is abundant and consumers are more empowered than ever, salespeople need to adapt. They must transition from being mere sellers to becoming trusted advisors and business consultants.

To facilitate this transformation, businesses are turning to innovative strategies and resources. One such resource is our e-guide titled “How to Turn Your Sales People Into Business Consultants.” This comprehensive guide offers insights, techniques, and practical advice to empower sales teams to excel in their roles and elevate their status to that of strategic partners in driving business growth.

Understanding the Shift:

The traditional sales approach focused primarily on pitching products or services, closing deals, and moving on to the next prospect. However, this approach is becoming increasingly outdated. Today’s consumers are looking for more than just a transaction; they seek value, expertise, and personalized solutions to their problems. They want to deal with a friend, an expert, a business consultant.

The e-guide recognizes this shift in consumer behavior and provides a roadmap for sales teams to align their strategies accordingly. It emphasizes the importance of transitioning from a transactional mindset to a consultative approach where salespeople act as problem-solvers and advisors rather than mere sellers.

Building Consultative Skills:

To effectively transition into the role of business consultants, salespeople need to develop a diverse set of skills beyond traditional sales techniques. The e-guide breaks down these essential skills and provides actionable steps for cultivating them:

  1. Listening and Empathy: Understanding the customer’s needs, challenges, and objectives is crucial. Salespeople must learn to actively listen, empathize with customers’ situations, and ask insightful questions to uncover underlying issues.
  2. Industry Knowledge: To provide valuable insights and recommendations, salespeople need a deep understanding of their industry, including market trends, competitors, and emerging technologies. The e-guide offers strategies for staying informed and continuously expanding industry knowledge.
  3. Strategic Thinking: Rather than focusing solely on closing individual deals, salespeople should adopt a strategic mindset. This involves understanding the broader business goals of both the customer and their own organization and aligning sales efforts accordingly.
  4. Problem-Solving: Business consultants are adept at identifying and solving complex problems. Salespeople should develop critical thinking skills and the ability to propose innovative solutions that address customers’ unique challenges.


Shifting the Sales Conversation:

A fundamental aspect of becoming a business consultant is shifting the focus of sales conversations from product features to value propositions and solutions. The e-guide offers guidance on reframing sales pitches to highlight the benefits and outcomes that matter most to the customer.

Moreover, it emphasizes the importance of building long-term relationships based on trust and credibility. Salespeople are encouraged to position themselves as trusted advisors who genuinely care about their customers’ success rather than just making a sale.

Leveraging Technology and Data:

In today’s digital era, technology plays a significant role in sales and business consultancy. The e-guide explores various tools and platforms that can aid sales teams in gathering insights, analyzing data, and delivering personalized recommendations to customers.

From customer relationship management (CRM) software to data analytics tools, salespeople can leverage technology to streamline their processes, enhance productivity, and provide a seamless experience for customers.

Implementing a Continuous Learning Culture:

Becoming a proficient business consultant is not a one-time achievement but an ongoing journey of learning and growth. The e-guide advocates for the establishment of a culture of continuous learning within sales organizations.

This involves investing in training programs, workshops, and mentorship opportunities to equip salespeople with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to thrive in their evolving roles. By fostering a learning culture, businesses can ensure that their sales teams remain agile, adaptable, and well-equipped to meet the ever-changing demands of the market.


In conclusion, the e-guide “How to Turn Your Sales People Into Business Consultants” serves as a valuable resource for businesses looking to adapt to the shifting dynamics of sales and customer engagement. By empowering sales teams with the knowledge, skills, and mindset of business consultants, organizations can not only drive revenue growth but also build lasting relationships with customers based on trust, expertise, and mutual success. You can download the e-guide here.

In a rapidly evolving business landscape in eyecare, the ability to provide genuine value and personalized solutions is paramount. Through strategic guidance, practical insights, and a commitment to continuous learning, sales teams can embrace their roles as trusted advisors and strategic partners in driving business success.

INVISION Informer Trudi Charest is an eye care industry expert. She’s the Chief Sales Officer for CSI Dry Eye, President of Total Focus Consulting and Co-Founder of Marketing4ECPs, a digital marketing agency for eye care professionals, an Optician, a sought-after international speaker and best-selling author of the book, “The Digital Sales Rep”. Today, Trudi is working on telling the story of AI in dry eye diagnosis and treatment plans as well as on projects to help suppliers be more effective at sales, marketing, and operations.

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Helping Your Clients Host a Successful Optical Trunk Show: Your Comprehensive E-Guide to Print and Give To Eyecare Professionals

In the dynamic world of eyewear fashion, hosting an Optical Trunk Show is a powerful way for eyecare professionals to showcase their latest collections, engage with clients, and boost business and revenue. To guide eyecare professionals through the intricacies of planning and executing a successful event, we present our comprehensive e-guide: “A Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting An Optical Trunk Show.

Why Optical Trunk Shows?

Optical Trunk Shows offer a unique opportunity for eyewear professionals to connect directly with their clientele in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. These events allow patients to explore the latest eyewear trends, try on new styles, and receive personalized advice from knowledgeable professionals. By hosting a trunk show, eyecare professionals can enhance their brand visibility, build customer loyalty, and increase sales as well as showcase an entire vendor selection in some cases.

Key Features of Our E-Guide:

1. Event Planning Essentials:
  • Understanding the Purpose: Define your objectives and set realistic goals for the trunk show.
  • Choosing the Right Time and Venue: Optimal timing and a suitable venue are crucial for a successful event.
  • Creating a Budget: Plan and allocate resources wisely to ensure a positive return on investment.
2. Curating a Diverse Eyewear Collection:
  • Collaborating with Vendors and Designers: Forge partnerships with eyewear suppliers to offer exclusive collections.
  • Trends and Seasonal Considerations: Stay abreast of the latest eyewear trends and align your collections accordingly.
3. Marketing and Promotion:
  • Online and Offline Strategies: Leverage social media, email marketing, and traditional advertising to create buzz.
  • VIP Invitations: Offer exclusive invitations to valued clients, enhancing the sense of exclusivity.
4. Event Execution Tips:
  • Staff Training: Equip your team with product knowledge and excellent customer service skills.
  • Fun decor: Create engaging environment that encourage clients to interact with the eyewear.
5. Client Engagement and Experience:

Styling Sessions: Provide personalized styling sessions to help clients find the perfect frames.

Promotions and Discounts: Introduce special promotions or discounts for purchases made during the trunk show.

6. Post-Event Follow-Up:
  • Thank You Emails: Express gratitude to attendees and gather feedback to improve future events.
  • Ongoing Engagement: Maintain communication with clients through newsletters and exclusive offers.


Our e-guide, “A Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting An Optical Trunk Show,” is designed to equip eyecare professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to organize a memorable and effective event. By following the comprehensive advice and strategies outlined in this guide, you can elevate your brand, enhance client relationships, and ultimately boost your eyecare business. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your eyewear expertise and create an unforgettable experience for your clients. Download the e-guide today and help your eyecare clients start planning their next Optical Trunk Show success!

Wishing you a great 2024!



INVISION Informer Trudi Charest is an eye care industry expert. She’s the President of Total Focus Consulting and Co-Founder of Marketing4ECPs, a digital marketing agency for eye care professionals, an Optician, a sought-after international speaker and best-selling author of the book, “The Digital Sales Rep”. Today, Trudi is working on projects to help suppliers be more effective at sales, marketing, and operations.
Need a speaker for your next National Sales Meeting? Trudi has created some amazing keynote and workshop sessions specifically for eyecare sales teams. Request a complimentary copy of her best-selling book, The Digital Sales Rep.

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10 Things Every Sales Rep Should Be Doing Over The Holidays

The holidays can be a challenging time for sales representatives, as many clients and prospects may be unavailable or less responsive during this period. However, there are still productive and meaningful tasks that sales reps can focus on during the holiday season. Here are ten things a sales rep should consider doing over holidays:

  1. Plan for the Upcoming Year: Use this time to set your sales goals, create a sales strategy, and outline a plan for the coming year. Reflect on what worked and what didn’t in the previous year.
  2. Client Relationship Nurturing: Send personalized holiday greetings and well wishes to your existing clients. This is a great way to show appreciation and strengthen your relationships.
  3. Prospecting Research: Continue your research on potential clients and leads. Use this downtime to gather information, build target lists, and prepare for future outreach.
  4. Clean Up Your CRM: Update and clean your customer relationship management (CRM) system. This ensures that your data is accurate and up to date for the new year.
  5. Content Creation: Create valuable content that you can share with your prospects and clients in the upcoming year. This could be blog posts, whitepapers, social media posts or videos relevant to your industry. Time to get set up on LinkedIn and learn how to use it for prospecting. (see our guide on setting up your LinkedIn profile)
  6. Training and Skill Development: Invest time in improving your sales skills and knowledge. Read books, attend webinars, or take online courses to stay up-to-date with the latest sales techniques.
  7. Networking and Relationship Building: Attend virtual networking events or industry-specific webinars. Connect with peers, mentors, and potential collaborators in your industry.
  8. Holiday Promotions: If your company offers holiday promotions or discounts, be sure to promote them to your existing customer base. Use email marketing and social media to get the word out.
  9. Set Up for the New Year: Organize your workspace, update your sales tools, and ensure your technology is ready for the upcoming year. This includes making sure your CRM, email templates, and other sales software are set up correctly.
  10. Take Some Rest: Lastly, don’t forget to take some time for yourself to relax and recharge. The holiday season can be stressful, so it’s important to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Remember that the holidays can vary in terms of business activity depending on your sector of the eyecare industry and target audience. While some may experience a slowdown, others might see increased activity. Adapt your holiday tasks accordingly to make the most of the season.

My favorite thing to do in December is clean out my computer. Clean and empty the inbox, clean up old files, reorganize files and clean out the spam folder. Now you are ready to start the new year. PS…try to prebook 3 meetings for the first week of January!

Wishing you a great 2024!



INVISION Informer Trudi Charest is an eye care industry expert. She’s the Co-Founder of Marketing4ECPs, a digital marketing agency for eye care professionals, an Optician, a sought-after international speaker and best-selling author of the book, “The Digital Sales Rep”. Today, Trudi is working on projects to help suppliers be more effective at sales, marketing, and operations.

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Introduction to The New & Improved INFORMER for Eyecare Vendors

Welcome to our exclusive resource center for vendors and advertisers! We are thrilled to present a platform designed with our valued supplier partners in mind, offering a wealth of benefits, resources, and business tips. Whether you’re a starter company, a multimillion-dollar organization, or simply an executive seeking a community, this portal is your gateway to a world of endless possibilities.

At its core, our INFORMER resources are dedicated to empowering companies like yours to achieve business and personal growth, professional success, and access to applicable industry resources. We understand that in today’s fast-paced world, access to high-quality content, expert guidance, and a supportive network is essential for unlocking your true potential. That’s why we’ve carefully curated a diverse range of features and benefits to cater to your unique interests and aspirations.

In our Resource Library, you’ll discover a growing collection of educational content, spanning various topics and disciplines … From downloadable e-guides written by industry expert Trudi Charest and future guests to in-depth checklists, tutorials, insightful articles, and thought-provoking webinars and podcasts (coming soon). Our aim is to foster continuous learning and intellectual enrichment. Expand your knowledge, develop new skills, and stay ahead of your competition through our comprehensive collection of resources.

But that’s not all — our portal is also a vibrant community where like-minded individuals converge, interact, and collaborate. Engage in lively discussions on the Eyecare Vendors On Facebook group, share your insights, and connect with professionals, enthusiasts, and experts who share your passions. Networking opportunities abound as you build relationships, exchange ideas, and gain inspiration from individuals who are as driven and dedicated as you are.

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We believe that working with us should be an enriching and rewarding experience, and we are committed to providing you with unparalleled value every step of the way. With INFORMER, you’ll embark on a transformative journey where knowledge meets community, and where your aspirations are nurtured, supported, and realized. We will be actively soliciting and listening to your organizational needs to help build future resources.

Join us today and unlock a world of possibilities. Your journey to growth and success starts here, within our dynamic vendor portal.

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