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Elevate your patients’ experience and build your practice with the Visionix VX40.

Patients deserve an ideal optical experience when they walk through the door of your practice. And you deserve the right equipment and technology to provide them with just that. With the Visionix VX40 lens analyzer, you can accomplish these goals with confidence and ease.


“The VX40 has been a game changer, and I don’t say that lightly,” says Dr. Fishman. “My clinic uses it all day, every day, and it is absolutely necessary for everything I do optically.”



Harvey Fishman, MD, of Fishman Vision, in Palo Alto, CA, runs a comprehensive ophthalmic concierge practice where he conducts ocular wellness exams, including refraction, every day. “The VX40 is absolutely necessary for everything I do optically,” he says, noting that with nothing more than the push of a button, he has a full image of a patient’s current prescription in about 30 seconds.

Compatible with all major lens technologies and brands, the VX40 employs wavefront lens analysis to detect all types of lenses in their entirety including bifocals, progressives, and single vision lenses.


Dr. Fishman points to the importance of ECPs fully understanding ocular fatigue, double vision and pain in the eyes in order to correctly diagnose ocular diseases. Once serious medical issues are ruled out, he says, “the optical cause may be poorly made glasses.” This is where the VX40 comes into play.

With this fully automated lens analyzer, all the ECP has to do is place the frame in the device and initialize the start procedure. Lens analysis and measurement is completely automatic, with left and right eye movement requiring no user input. And the most important component of all is that it happens with complete accuracy.

“A critical feature in our care to patients is that we provide them with glasses that work.”

“For patients who have subtle eye problems, differential convergence or atypical visual ocular movement, this lens analyzer can help me to make the correct lenses and give patients glasses that they like,” Dr. Fishman says.



Harvey Fishman, MD,
Fishman Vision, Palo Alto, CA

Luneau Technology’s team will work with your office to set up your VX40. They’ll ensure that images go to a specific folder on your network, making it easy for anyone on your team to pull pictures from a computer in an exam lane, print out selected images and show them to patients in your optical area.

The user-friendly interface and straightforward access to images allow the VX40 to serve as an educational tool for your team, as well as offering an easy way for ECPs to gain a better understanding of progressive lenses.


“A critical feature in our care to patients is that we provide them with glasses that work,” says Dr. Fishman, and he’s been able to do that, consistently, with the VX40. Investing in the right technology makes all the difference to your patients and enables you to give them personalized care that will keep them coming back.