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INVISION’s Latest Real Deal Scenario

The Case of Conflict Resolution Interloper

To the dismay of some staff, this practice owner brought in a team coach to help get things running smoothly again.


As the staff of Shore Vision settled into their seats for the monthly staff meeting, they noticed that there was an unfamiliar person in attendance.

Dr. Phillips started the meeting by introducing the new face, “This is Regina, she is a professional team coach and will be spending time with all of you staff over the next month.”

As a wave of confused appeared on the face of every staff member, Regina added, “Thank you for the introduction, Dr. Phillips. I’ll be meeting with each department throughout the next month, get to know each of you a little bit, learn how your team functions and complete some exercises to improve the dynamic of each team.”

“Over the past several months, I’ve noticed there has been an increased amount of tension between some team members.” Dr. Phillips continued, “In an effort to all learn and grow together, I thought it would be best to have a third party lead us through this.”

There was an awkward silence and obvious tension you could cut with a knife. Dr. Phillips added, “With that said, let’s cut out of the meeting early so Regina can lay some groundwork before we start clinic.”

One by one, each member of the staff got up and returned to their respective work areas, with defeated looks on their faces.

Real Deal is a fictional scenario designed to read like real-life business events. The businesses and people mentioned in this story should not be confused with actual businesses and people.

“Well, this is a load of crap,” Mari, the technician said under her breath to her tech-mate. “We barely leave on time on any given day as it is — now we have to somehow come up with more time to talk about this B.S. that doesn’t even apply to us?!”

Just then, Regina came around the corner and sat down next to them, “Apologies for interrupting your conversation. It sounds like you have some thoughts about me being here — anything you’d like to get off your chest?”

“We all know which drama-department caused this.” Mari continued, “Not one of the culprits is going to be completely honest in a group setting — the only way you’ll truly get to the root cause of the problem is to talk confidentially, one-on-one, so they can all be honest. And even then, it’ll most likely just be a blame-game.”

Regina responded, “Thank you for that suggestion.”

“Oh, one more thing — and this is not at all directed AT you — but I don’t understand why Dr. Phillips expects that hiring a team coach can solve these problems.” Mari concluded.

“I will be sure to communicate this to Dr. Phillips and keep my source anonymous.” Regina added, “I’m going to make my rounds before patients start to arrive. I’ll talk more with you both sometime soon.”

“Thanks for listening.” Mari smirked, “I hope you’re able to resolve the issue to Dr. Phillips’ satisfaction and you don’t need to talk with us again.”


With poor morale and conflict resolution top-of-mind, can bringing in a third-party, before discussing internally, be a wise decision?

What is the best course of action when trying to resolve conflict or drama between team members or departments?

How do you suggest keeping up the morale of those without issues with other coworkers while going through a conflict-resolution process to insure equitable and fair treatment for all?

INVISION’s Latest Real Deal Scenario

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