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A Complete Range of Coating Solutions For All Styles of Cut and Uncut Ophthalmic Lenses

Rx Coating

North American Coating Laboratories (NACL) has provided precision Rx optical coatings since 1974. As the North American pioneer of Rx coatings on mineral glass ophthalmic lenses, our 45 years of experience in working with opticians, private practices, and sunwear manufacturers, set us apart from all other coating services.

As one of the few fully independent ophthalmic coating laboratories left in North American, NACL focuses on customers first and can offer a full-array of coating solutions for all styles of cut and uncut ophthalmic lenses. Whether it is a high-end sunglass mirror you need, or a great AR coating with a hydrophobic easy clean coating you need, we have you covered here at NACL. Don’t forget to ask about our tinting capabilities, NACL can usually match any color on the market with our long history of tinting for the sunwear industry. Our plano stock mirror program is also worth checking out for any simple quick turn mirror needs you may have!

We know you’ll see the difference in our coating offerings, responsive experienced customer care department and unsurpassed delivery.