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Introducing NEW Varilux® XR series Lenses

New Varilux® XR series™, the first ever eye-responsive progressive lens,* is now available! Powered by behavioral artificial intelligence leveraging propriety data collected from real-life wearers, Varilux XR series lenses offer instant sharpness, even in motion.** Learn more about the best overall progressive lens*** and take the free ABO course.


*Eye-responsive defined as the consideration of two parameters in the design of the progressive lens: prescription and visual behavior.

** Varilux XR® series™ –in-life consumer study -Eurosyn–2022–France (n=73 high-end progressive lens wearers). 66/73 perceived instant sharpness at all distances while in motion.

*** Based on achieving the highest composite score among premium Progressive designs of leading U.S. competitors on 14 attributes identified as important by a survey of U.S. consumers. Measurements were the result of Essilor R&D state of the art avatar simulations 2022

Now Available: New Varilux® XR series™