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On the Edger Maximizing Profit With In-House Finishing


The Briot Couture by Visionix edging system gives eye care professionals the opportunity for more valued time with patients while expanding their practice’s technical capabilities.

Combining 3D lens rendering technology with intelligent edging, Briot Couture is delivering innovation, ease of use, and increased scope to opticians, one practice at a time.

On the Edger Maximizing Profit With In-House Finishing

The Briot Couture by Visionix combines creativity with precision, with the only tracer on the market that’s able to create a 3D model of an entire frame.


At an industry event earlier this year, one optometrist’s first thought when he saw the Briot Couture system was, “An edger is an edger.” But then Dr. Kristopher A. May, OD, FAAO, owner, Coldwater Vision Center in Coldwater, Miss., took a closer look, and changed his mind.

“What caught my eye was a demonstration of its 3D technology integrating advanced lensometry with predictive edging,” he said. “The demonstration accentuated how far technology has come. This is particularly true of the system’s lensometry and camera systems — they are absolutely amazing.

“The advances in sensor and camera technology allow for better analysis, layout, and edging across the board,” he said. “It was very impressive to see a high-power progressive lens laid out and be able to see what all the powers and edges would look like before it was cut!”

On the Edger Maximizing Profit With In-House Finishing
Dr. Kristopher A. May, OD, FAAO
“If You Don’t Tell Them, They Won’t Know!”
Having the ability to make a second pair in-house while patients wait presents an opportunity to reshape how they view their insurance plan materials and online ordering, noted Dr. May. With that in mind, the level of importance patients perceive in-office finishing and same-day glasses cannot be understated. “It drives me crazy when a patient says they are going to take their Rx somewhere since they can ‘make it while I wait there,’” Dr. May said. “We have had to become more intentional about letting them know what we can do.” This includes messaging on the practice’s website, through Google listings, on social media, and marketing. “If you don’t tell them, they won’t know!”


  • Virtual 3D lens simulation
  • True Scan tracing for highbase frames
  • Free shape modification, correction, and repair
  • Wavefront-based technology
  • True Fit bevel program
  • Angular drilling (0° to 30°)
  • Internal databases
  • Touch screen interface


Having a lens finishing system that’s easy to learn — and easy to teach — is critical for any practice. And now it’s fully achievable for operators of all skill levels, as evidenced by
Dr. May’s experience. “This edging system is intuitive to use, even the more advanced features,” he said. “Our finishing lab optician was trained in a couple of hours. It cycles very quickly, so workflow is even and efficient.”

The lack of disruption on the noise front is an added bonus. “The Briot Couture system is much quieter than our previous edgers.”


ECPs who introduce Briot Couture to their practice need not worry about sacrificing quality for speed, or vice versa. “Our lab is able to produce much higher quality edged lenses in less time,” said Dr. May. “A single operator can easily keep up with a five-doctor practice!”

He noted that the ability to handle drill and higher base curve jobs has kept more work in house, which means lower costs. “This helps maintain profit margins, which is getting more difficult.

“The Briot Couture system is a force multiplier. It makes my already skilled finishing optician more efficient and expands our toolbox of capabilities as a practice. There’s not much we can’t do in house now.”