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During this year’s Vision Expo West, Transitions Optical brought together the most influential names in eyewear style to have an open discussion about fashion in eyewear and Transitions® lenses. Below are some of the style tips and advice the panelists had for attendees. Moderated by Dr. Jennifer Lyerl (@Eyedolatryblog), the panel included CFDA designer and Transitions brand ambassador Christian Siriano, twin eyewear designers Coco and Breezy, Dr. Jennifer Tsai (@Drjenandjuice) and Dr. Ari Fastash (@Glamoptometrist).

Expression through Eyewear

It’s all about personalization. Your eyewear, just like your outfit, is an expression of your personal style. Adding function to style can take eyewear to the next level. With the new Transitions® Signature® lenses style colors and Transitions® XTRActive® style mirrors, there are countless ways to customize eyewear while enjoying comfortable vision and protection from UV rays.

What’s Trending in Eyewear?

Monochromatic colors — matching lenses and frames. Coco and Breezy were excited about the style colors and style mirrors because of the increased options to customize colors. Other trends in optical frames include medium-sized frames, which are perfect for Transitions lenses because they’re stylish indoors and out.

How Do You Style Your Patients?

Overheard at The E+A Lounge at VEWDr. Fastash believes its important to take advantage of the oneon-one time you get with your patients in the exam room. Learn about their lifestyle and their personal style and recommend lenses based on their individual needs. She also recommends walking patients into the optical shop and being involved in their lens decision-making process. Having pairs of non-Rx Transitions lenses already made, so patients can experience the technology in the same way they would if they purchase them. Dr. Jennifer Tsai explained the benefits of Transitions lenses to her patients using a metaphor. She compares the search for lenses to the search for a boyfriend or girlfriend. When searching for both, you want protection, intelligence and versatility. Transitions lenses protect against UV and help filter harmful blue light; they are intelligent enough to adapt to changing light conditions; and they are versatile enough to let patients live hassle free in any lifestyle.

About the Transitions Signature Style Colors and Transitions XTRActive Style Mirrors

Overheard at The E+A Lounge at VEWSTYLE COLORS: Offers the same world-class features and benefits of Chromea7™ technology: optimal comfort, protection and indoor clarity – offering a color choice for virtually every patent:

  • Sapphire – a bright, exciting hue
  • Amethyst – a sophisticated shade with a contemporary twist
  • Amber – for a vintage, yet timeless look
  • Emerald – trendy and versatile

STYLE MIRRORS: An on-trend mirror effect with a hint of color that fades to a stylish reflection indoors.

  • Gold – a smooth and warm shade
  • Silver Shadow – a classic silvergray color
  • Red – a rich scarlet mirror
  • Pink – an infusion of crimson hues
  • Blue – a chill color for a stylish and trendy look
  • Green – a radiant color with an earthy feeling


Overheard at The E+A Lounge at VEW

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