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Digital Measuring Devices:
Now More Important Than Ever

This course discusses frame and Position of Wear (POW) measurements, their rationale in spectacle lens dispensing and their relationship to providing optimal correction. The course discusses various measuring devices and factors involved in selection. Finally, the course reviews the positive impact on patient experience and benefits to the practice of an advanced digital measuring device.

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Digital Measuring Devices: Now More Important Than Ever

Shamir Online Learning

Accurate Measurements
in 90 Seconds or Less

Average time to take and compute digital measurements is usually under 60 seconds.

Shamir Online Learning

Adjustable Arm for
Maximum Patient Comfort

Your client looks in Spark Mi™ Up while wearing their glasses.

Shamir Online Learning

Calculates All Frame

Obtain the measurements you need while safely keeping both you and your client at a socially safe distance.

Shamir Online Learning

Works with All Lenses,
Including Tinted Lenses

Spark Mi™ Up’s advanced image filters can accurately measure pupils through dark lenses.

Spark Mi™ Up:
Hands-Free Digital Measuring Device

With Spark Mi Up, the client looks in the mirror, as they naturally would, wearing their chosen glasses. The optician clicks once, and the client’s image is captured. The image appears on the optician’s computer screen, along with an immediate and accurate, automatically measured PD. And with that, the client’s measuring experience is done.

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Essential Tips to Boost Your Practice

Vitamin SEE helps eyecare professionals gain a competitive edge in today’s unique market with a “Essential Tips to Boost Your Practice.” You can read about the latest trends in eyewear below and at the The Vitamin SEE blog.


Shamir Online Learning

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