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Multimodal Screening and Binocular Open-field Refraction: A Winning Combination


Find out how the VX 120+ Dry Eye and Eye Refract, both from Visionix, have made a difference for one California practice — and how they can do it for your practice as well.

Multimodal Screening and Binocular Open-field Refraction: A Winning Combination

The VX 120+ Dry Eye performs screenings to identify glaucoma, cataracts, keratoconus, and more.

Since adding the Visionix VX 120+ Dry Eye and Eye Refract to his practice about three years ago, Gregory O’Connor, OD, owner of Malibu Eye Center in Malibu, Calif., has increased his revenue as well as his patient base, all while saving time and space.


Dr. O’Connor notes that both the VX 120+ Dry Eye and Eye Refract are easy and straightforward for technicians to learn, including what he describes as a “wonderful step-by-step menu for the technician to follow on the Eye Refract.” This time-saving advantage leaves him with more time to educate his patients. Also, the speed allows them to fit in two to three extra exams a day, bringing in more revenue.

He offered a helpful example of how these two systems work in tandem to add to his practice’s efficiency. “When my patient finishes with the VX 120+ Dry Eye, they move onto the Eye Refract,” he said. “And during that time, I’m reviewing all the information from the VX 120+ Dry Eye.”

Multimodal Screening and Binocular Open-field Refraction: A Winning Combination

The computer algorithm-guided Eye Refract offers binocular open-field wavefront refraction to provide patients with their ideal prescription.

“I have this wealth of information in my lap — within a minute or so,” he said. “Instead of spending time gathering information, I can really think about it and make an excellent presentation to the patient.”

Multimodal Screening and Binocular Open-field Refraction: A Winning Combination
Dr. Gregory O’Connor


  • Multimodal diagnostic tool including AR/K and topography
  • Comprehensive analysis of anterior segment
  • Dry Eye assessment with Efron scale
  • Remote access

  • Highly accurate with wavefront-based measurements
  • Increased precision
  • Accounts for accommodation
  • Refraction in around 4 minutes
  • Remote access


When Dr. O’Connor decided to open a second location for his practice, a major consideration was patient behavior. “I noticed that people didn’t really tend to like to make and keep appointments the way they used to, especially younger people — they’re more spontaneous,” he said. “I thought, well, I better develop a practice where I can take people in very easily and do a comprehensive and thorough eye exam. And the VX 120+ Dry Eye really helped me fulfill that need.”


Dr. O’Connor notes the importance of design — and experience — to his Malibu, Calif., patient base. When they’re at the VX 120+ Dry Eye, patients often make comments like, “Wow, that’s like a Star Wars experience,” he said, laughing. He appreciates Visionix’s attention to design as well. “They’re very much like Apple; they pay a lot of attention to product design,” he said. “And that is huge in Malibu.”

The personal experience is also critical. “Patients like the fact that none of these instruments really violate their personal space,” he said, comparing the VX 120+ Dry Eye to a conventional exam. “Here’s this person with their arms and face close to you, like right up on you, whereas with all these modern devices, you can conduct a refraction at a socially comfortable distance. That’s a real plus.”

And the aesthetic and experience are surpassed by what these systems can accomplish. “The nice thing about the VX 120+ Dry Eye and the Eye Refract is you can show the patient what you saw. That is very powerful stuff. You can say to a patient, ‘There’s a little water balloon-like lens just behind the colored part of your eye,’” Dr. O’Connor said. But when you show them that image, “It’s mind blowing for them.” Happy patients mean more referrals and better online reviews, keeping Dr. O’Connor’s schedule full.


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Multimodal Screening and Binocular Open-field Refraction: A Winning Combination
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