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Retail workers eventually develop a tough outer shell. But not at first.

It’s an expression that captures several emotions … none of them good.

Don’t worry, my time is not valuable at all!

People perceive retail workers in lots of different ways. Maybe there’s a bit of truth in all of them.

Yep … uh huh … OK … completely understand.

Retail math seems a little different sometimes.
People perceive retail workers in lots of different ways. Maybe there’s a bit of truth in all of them.

Enough said.

Because I’ve, like, literally never heard that line before.

Ah, the small but poignant pleasures of retail.

Sooooo many things could go wrong in this situation.

Attitude is everything.

Mind. Blown.

Also known as the “head in the sand” approach.

Work-from-home doesn’t work for every employer … or every manager.

Or as I like to call it, “being on time.”

Just act cool and try not to cry.

“I’ll be there on time, and so will my attitude.”

Sometimes you’re glad to help out … but sometimes you’re not.

When the boss thanks you for what you do, but doesn’t actually understand what you do.

I’ve only been doing this forever.

Ever feel like the incentives are a little warped?

If you don’t want the answer, then don’t ask the question.

Shocking concept, isn’t it?

I roar loudest in my head.

And the truth comes out …

Looking at memes is a productive activity, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it right now.

Office politics: No laughing matter.

The workplace amnesia is real.

Wait! Make that 21 …

Some people have a good poker face. Not me.

They say it’s good to be king. But try actually doing your manager’s job for a day.

Some days you’re feeling it. Other days, not as much.

Priorities change. Sometimes a little often than we’d like, and with no apparent reason.

“Office Space” came out in 1999, and yet it’s somehow just as relevant today as ever.

There’s actually listening. There’s pretending to listen. And there’s this …

If you’ve worked from home, you know this pain.

You start with the best of intentions. But when freedom calls, it’s hard to resist.

Let’s make sure we’re clear on terms.

Proper appreciation goes a long way. In fact, it could be a lifesaver.

Not every meeting needs to be a meeting.

Employees get frustrated when they’re held to different standards than their supervisor.

Tsunami, volcano, Snow-maggedon … no matter what natural catastrophe has occurred, the boss is at the store, looking at his watch, waiting for you to show up.

Sometimes, when management talks, one’s eyes can roll no further.

For some employees, seeing that message come in on their phones, asking them to come to work, instantly forces them to turn into Sandra Bullock in Bird Box.

Working from home? Ceiling Cat is here to ensure that zero time is wasted and every minute is fully productive.

Your boss isn’t sure why 4/20 became known as “Weed Day”. But he definitely knows what taking that day off means.

It can be hard to swallow when the Boss-man (or Boss-woman) takes credit for one’s genius idea.

Is this a motivational slogan worthy of being embroidered on a pillow or what?

When “Management By Walking Around” mutates horribly into “Management By Creeping Around”.

Bosses often have unreasonable expectations of your ability to stay calm under pressure …

… But that might only be because they have unreasonable demands put onto themselves as well.

Retail’s power and money heirarchy revealed in a single meme.

Ouch. If there’s anything worse than an 8 AM meeting, it’s a 5 PM one.

Leo doesn’t like being detained when he’s leaving work either.

Sometimes, in order to escape, one must simply run.

Do they play Windows Solitaire?

An absolute favorite management ploy of employees everywhere. Not.

And another management behavior cherished by retail workers the world over. Not.

Over-hydration can have a devastating impact on a retail career. Who knew?

And everybody reading this pretty much instantly thought of their three …

… And their Stanley, too.

Well played, sir. But don’t forget your wired headphones as the Bluetooths won’t work here.


This statement always sounds so fair and broad-minded when stated in the new employee orientation speech. And so dismaying when it’s contradicted under real-life pressure three days later.

Yeah, the holiday experience is a bit different when you’re an employee in the retail world.

Oh, those retail work schedules! Always soooooo conducive to both a financially rewarding and personally fulfilling lifestyle.

66 Boss Memes That Will Have You Saying ‘That’s My Life’

66 Boss Memes That Will Have You Saying ‘That’s My Life’

Retail workers eventually develop a tough outer shell. But not at first.