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Christine Howard of Attleboro Vision Care in Attleboro , MA, finds herself “lost in a jungle of wrapping paper and bows with my Brain Squad T-shirt! Merry Christmas!”
Carissa Dunphy of Duvall Advanced Family Eyecare in Duvall, WA, gets out and around in her new Brain Squad t-shirt.
Caitlin Wicka of San Juan Eye Center in Montrose, CO models the new model INVISION Brain Squad t-shirt, released in October 2018.
Ron Catterson of Clear View Optix in The Villages, FL is all smiles (and sunburn) in his Brain Squad t-shirt.
Colleen Galanti shows off her "Eye Geek" t-shirt in a snowy Sunday selfie. Colleen is the optical manager at Pascarella Eye Care & Contact Lenses in Newtown, PA and is the founder of the popular Facebook group, Opticians on Facebook.
No, INVISION hasn't suddenly decided to offer XXXXXXL-sized "Eye Geek" shirts with triple-neckhole option. (But we'll definitely think about it.) This is just the fun folks at Marco Ophthalmic Equipment — Christine Van Assche, Susan Manier, and Stephanie Marino — showing their enthusiasm for the concept of Eye Geekery. Brilliant ... and weird!
Stephanie Crowley of Sie Eyecare in Charlotte, NC loves INVISION and her Brain Squad "Eye Geek" t-shirt. "I rock my Eye Geek t-shirt to the point that my daughter says it is time to get a different one ... hint, hint!"
Says Dr. Michael Davis of Opti-Care in Eldersburg, MD: "You have to have a good head on your shoulders to be a part of the Brain Squad."
Nikki Griffin of EyeStyles Optical and Boutique in Oakdale, MN has found the perfect shirt to complement her car. Says Nikki: "Thanks for the cute shirt, we love you guys!"
William Chancellor, licensed optician at De Poe Eye Center in Stockbridge and Atlanta, GA, channels his inner Tom Cruise in his new Brain Squad t-shirt.
Diana Canto-Sims from Buena Vista Optical in Chicago shows a little bit of attitude in her Brain Squad "Eye Geek" t-shirt.
Dr. Jamie Lawson of Bayshore Eyecare, Bradenton, FL joined the Brain Squad in July 2015 after reading her first edition of INVISION on an airplane trip. "I was so impressed, I signed up for the Brain Squad right away," she says.
Jeff Grosekemper of Casa De Oro Eyecare in Spring Valley, CA gets his geek on in his new t-shirt.
"Go eye geeks!" says Monique Begin of Burke McLoughlin Eye Associates in Avon, CT.
Robert Easton of Easton Eye Care in Oakland Park, FL is ready for sun and surveys in his Brain Squad T.
Roger Donna of Fichman Eye Center in Torrington, CT gives INVISION the ultimate, if somewhat Bogart-like, compliment when he calls the magazine "always a classy piece".
One of INVISION's very first Brain Squad members (starting back in September 2013), Dr. Tommy Lim of Berryessa Optometry of San Jose, CA, shows off his own Eye Geek t-shirt.
Massachusetts ECP Wraps Up Her Holiday Duties … and More Brain Squad Members in Their INVISION T-Shirts