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This was literally the meme that kept on giving in 2019. Thanks to several creative members of Opticians on Facebook, the variations were as endless as they were hilarious. As our year-end gift to you, we’ve rounded them up all in one place for your … and Bob Fesmire’s … enjoyment.

Created by Colleen Galanti

You knew that online eyewear-sellers would be targeted.

Created by Willie Davis

As well as patients who experience catastrophic frame damage for … literally … no … reason.

Created by Aubri St. Clair

A reminder to patients that they need to select carefully when the optician asks “1 or 2?”

Created by Iris Harrold Sutton

And that they really should try to get this particular bit of terminology right.

Created by Terry Mumma

Patients, how many times must you be told that opticians can’t fill expired prescriptions?

Created by Evie Gonzales

No matter how many times you ask.

Created by Facundo Salinas

Or even if you beg.

Created by Tonia Renee

Or threaten to utilize other services.

Created by Tracy Gillotte

Patients, you may think you need contact lenses. But the optician doesn’t agree.

Created by June Trotier Kennedy

You didn’t think you’d get through this meme series without a visit from Patient-Complaining-About-Insurance-Charges, did you?

Created by Tina Marie Padagas

Quite often (okay, almost always), patients’ claims about the nature of their insurance don’t hold up.

Created by Joann Ashley

The Opticians on Facebook meme thread did get a little silly towards the end.

Created by Danielle Krull via Yaacov Wexler

Okay, really silly.

Created by Larry Godsey

Really, really silly.

Created by Joseph Snogren

Did you enjoy these? If yes, we’re happy. If not, there may be a legal remedy in the works.

Created by Ernie Centofanti

16 Eyecare Variations of Social Media’s Meme of the Year